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    Patch Inground Plaster

    I'm not prepared to have it replastered right now, and have two holes in the top layer of plaster, 2"x2" and 3"x3". Anyone have experience to share about what product I might use to do his underwater?
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    Test Thread

    This is a test thread.
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    Replacing 50% Water In El Dorado County, CA

    Does anyone know if I need to notify the water company prior to doing this?
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    Cleaning Out Jandy Diverter Valve

    I believe I have debris stuck inside one of my Jandy Never Lube diverter valves. My question is: Can I just pop off the handle, unscrew the 8 screws and take the lid off to dismantle it? Is there anything I need to prepare myself to go wrong? Like do I ALWAYS have to replace the o-ring, or...
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    Questions on Drains and Valves in Preparation of Partial Drain and Refill of In-ground Pool

    Not sure where I should have posted this, so Mods, I apologize if you have to move this to the proper board. I am trying to get a good understanding of how all my pool equipment, plumbing and valves work in preparation for a partial drain and refill, as has been suggested by experienced members...
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    How much chlorine do I need to kill algae, given these parameters?

    I've read information on this site for years, but this is my first post, so please forgive me if I am not providing enough information, or if I sound like an idiot. I am already kicking myself in the rear for making dumb decisions, as you will see below. I've been battling this dark green...