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    Which weir door?

    I was told that I should replace my missing weir door, how do I know which one I need? I looked online and there are tons of them.
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    Looking for opinions on these 2 items

    I have been looking into upgrading my equipment, but was going to do it in steps as I could afford it. I decided to do the pump first as I had a little extra cash. I started putting out feelers to get quotes, one of the quotes was very interesting. He said that he could do both and stay in my...
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    I messed something!!!

    I was not getting enough suction on the vacuum, so I decided to check the impeller, now the pump is not working correctly. Asking here before I call someone.
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    Retrieving the sample

    Does anyone use any kind of tool to help you retrieve the water sample? from what I have read, I am supposed to retrieve the sample from about 17" below the surface. this requires me to get down on all 4 to do it. I am getting older and this is rough on the knees and sometimes hard to get back...
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    To De or not to De?

    I bought the house 2 years ago and I am looking to upgrade the pool equipment in stages, as I can afford it. I am currently using a 10yr old (estimate) cartridge filter, I think that my first purchase will be a DE filter? Will I see any difference in using the DE over the cartridge? As in my...
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    Starting to look better...but.

    I am finally starting to get the chlorine numbers up, it was 4ppm on my last test. CYA is still at 60. However the pH has started dropping, is that due to the rain? Its been raining for 3 nights now, usually a couple hours a night. I have been putting chlorine in every night to get those numbers up.
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    New owner in Florida

    I am going to jump in here with both feet, pun intended. I had been looking at one of those digital monitors (pHin, WaterGuru) until reading the posts on here. I am going to try to do this on my own. I have a cheap test kit that I bought at PAP. Do you all recommend a better one to get started...