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    Basketball Hoop Comparison

    Im pretty sure I have the clear backboard version that bmoreswim posted. We use it all the time. I sprayed the hoop and all the metal with a protectant to help with the rust
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    New build- Baytown, TX

    its been awhile since I did any update. My salinity reading for the last week or 2 has been going crazy. I cleaned the trisensor and it didn't really help. Tried looking online just to buy it and replace it myself but couldn't find the exact one I had. After calling jandy they said I should talk...
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    cleaning cell

    I had pretty good amount of build up since I have never checked it in the last 2 years. I looked at manual and it said 1 part MA and 10 part water for 5 min and repeat if necessary. Is that strong as everyone else or each cell company is different? I don't check pH as often as I should so that...
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    Solar blanket Questions

    we have a solar cover and love it. ours lasted only 1 season though before the bubbles started getting in the pool. We have a free form pool and cut it into thirds. Sometimes our son just wants to swim so we just take off the shallow end
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    Pool Quotes - Raleigh, NC

    If they take out the mineral cartridge then what would stain the pool? Im going on 2 years with my pool with a Nature2 and everything has been perfect
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    that is an amazing picture
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    New Polywood chairs...

    there are so many options on that site that are priced different and look the same to me. Which ones did yall get?
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    Quote Review for First Time Buyer in Houston, TX Area

    PB told us it was on us to have electrical moved. For some reason I am thinking comcast didn't charge us anything.
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    Quote Review for First Time Buyer in Houston, TX Area

    that happened to us too. Before they covered the new electrical line back up we had comcast put their new cable in the same trench
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    Quote Review for First Time Buyer in Houston, TX Area

    I heard if you add a spa you might as well tack on 10k to the total. I live in baytown and we do not have a spa or heater. I would for sure get a SWG though. You do not want the burden of having to pour bleach everyday. I got my pool almost 2 years ago for around 43-44k. That included the...
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    Thinking of getting a truck....

    for sure. I really like the raptor look too. Its not everyones cup of tea but I swapped my lariat grill for an aftermarkert raptor grill. I lifted it and put 35" tires. Then got HID headlights and sent them to raptor retrofits to get evil eye leds installed. It looks like a whole new truck from...
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    Thinking of getting a truck....

    I don't know if your into tuning but if you tune an ecoboost then their another animal. I have a 14 f150 ecoboost 4x4 lariat. Check out for what owners are saying
  13. J

    Our little paradise!

    im assuming they meant raise pH to add acid to lower TA
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    Best way to stream the History Channel without getting cable?

    love watching that show. which ones do you know? sucked that the first lady had to bow out early from a fish hook. she had to be the favorite to win. atleast that's who I picked
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    How did you pay for your pool?

    used lightstream for 3 year loan. worked a ton of OT and paid it off after 6 months
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    Please Help Me!!

    when you get your test kit in you will test for CYA. if that number is too high then the only way to make it go down is to drain some
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    Pool Still Green After Opening

    I have never seen a forum member tell someone to go to pool store and get results. But yes at the top of the page there is a pool math tab. Tells you how much to add. There is also an app available for your phone. I have an iphone and have it on there edit..looks like I typed to slow and others...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    was around 73 early this week and ordered a solar cover. with cover on last night it was 77. looking forward to more sunny days and a pool in the 80s
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    how much baking soda??

    pool math tab or app
  20. J

    What's your current pool temp?

    72 and went for a swim for the first time in 2018. ready for it to warm up so whole family can enjoy
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    Osage Hills Outdoor Kitchen Build

    turned out awesome
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    Pool Rehab - Salt Generator worth it? and Sand or DE Filter?

    I went with a SWG and a cartridge filter. double the size you need for SWG and get the biggest filter you need.
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    freeze mode protection, aeration & pH

    was wondering same. we had our waterfall going slow last night to keep water going. I brought it down to 7.6 Monday, figured il have to add around 20 oz when I get off
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    Polaris 9350

    I have the 9450 and I just have to press lift once. not hold down. it drives up to coping and waits til I pick it up. Then when I lift it out of water it purges all the water out for it to be lighter. I haven't had it stuck yet. I use the bottom/wall cleaning (2.5 hours) and iv seen it flip...
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    Robots That Handle Newer Main Drains

    I have no problem with mine yet
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    Here's my first numbers!

    you can add the acid and bleach same day. they just say wait 30 min between the 2