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    2-speed pump only runs on low speed

    We have a brandnew Hayward Powerflo Matrix 2 speed pump installed April 2020 by a professional electrician. Everything was working fine until yesterday when I noticed that the pump won’t work on High Speed. But it works on Low Speed. I’ve checked the pump basket and nothing is blocking it. No...
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    Does the brand of Liquid Chlorine 10% matters?

    Hi, I’m a new convert to using liquid chlorine. I just finished my first ever SLAM. I bought 3 cases of Liquid Chlorine 12.5% from my local pool store and the cost was $23 per case (or $5.75 per gallon). Within 4 days my pool consumed 10 gallons. I was doubting my decision of using Liquid...
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    First time SLAM need help

    Hello, I am a new convert to the TFP method of pool care after 3 yrs of going to the pool store 😬 For the past 30 days, we have green algae that forms on the bottom of pool steps and some parts of the wall. It goes away after “shocking” with the Cal-Hypo powder but comes back after a day or two...
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    Need help with Pool Math app

    Hello, I’m new to using the Pool Math app. Is it normal that the app is saying the pH and Alkalinity is outside the ideal range even when it is within the target? I’m using Taylor K-2006 test kit. I’m using 12.5% Liquid Chlorine for daily sanitation and a Cal-Hypo powder for Shock. I decided...
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    Hayward DE4820 Filter very low pressure reading & VariFlo Multiport Valve water leak

    Hi, we installed brand new Hayward Pump, DE Filter, Multiport valve, 2 inch PVC pipes to replace our very old Waterway pump and PAC FAB DE filter. While this is our 4th season as pool owners, I would still consider ourselves newbies because this is our first year of doing everything by...
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    Waterway Multiport Valve for DE Filter - Is it Normal or Damaged?

    Hi, new member here. We are preparing to install a new filter & multi-port valve. Can anyone please help verify if this is normal or a defect on the multiport valve? There are 3 tiny gaps on the connection between the valve and the pvc elbow fitting. Thanks!