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    cleaning cell

    I had pretty good amount of build up since I have never checked it in the last 2 years. I looked at manual and it said 1 part MA and 10 part water for 5 min and repeat if necessary. Is that strong as everyone else or each cell company is different? I don't check pH as often as I should so that...
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    rebate savings for a VSP

    My wife called our electric company asking if they had any rebates for using a variable speed pump instead of a single speed. They said they did not but if we gave them some info and details that they might can make something happen. So for anyone that did get a rebate who was your provider and...
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    Starting a pool in fall better?

    Maybe a dumb question but have been wondering. Is it better to start a pool in the fall on the water chemistry side? That way your numbers aren't fluctuating as much and it is more consistent while your plaster cures. I was just thinking you wouldn't have to add as much stuff
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    New build- Baytown, TX

    We are a couple days away from signing the contract. Still have to go through HOA approval which will take a couple weeks. Also have to get the electric company to move their line that they buried right in the middle of our backyard. Going with A&S for our builder. Pool will be 35 ft long and...
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    Jandy 2 HP single speed vs VS

    Just had our first pool company come in. I have been doing a lot of research and everyone on here always says go for the VS. I told him I wanted to use that one but he was talking me out of it. He said he had a Jandy single speed 2 HP for his 45' by 20' with hottub and waterfall and his electric...