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    Newbie with cloudy water

    New to pools this year and so far everything’s been perfect but after a very rainy weekend things changed. The water was still clear and levels were good but there was this greenish stuff on the bottom( assuming algae). My vacuum is Crud and I don’t have a brush so I got in with some clean socks...
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    What to do before vacation?

    Leaving for a week on vacation! Pool (Summerwaves 16x48 5,000gal) is perfect right now. What should I do before we leave to make sure I don’t come home to an absolute mess?? Using BBB method. I have a timer on the filter to have it run 10hrs. If you recommend SLAM can you help me with exactly...
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    Wants me to raise and lower pH

    My alkalinity is high. And it wants me to lower pH. My pH is 7.5 and it wants me to raise it. Not sure what to do? I’m adding bleach to bring chlorine up to 3.
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    First test. Completely confused☹️

    I have a sock with stabilizer in it right now. So hopefully that will fix the cya. I added 3cups of bleach yesterday. Haven’t added anything else. I’m completely confused on what to do. I have test strips and hth 6way. The 6way only has total chlorine I think. It’s like 1. The test strips say...
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    Poolmath doesn’t have my size bleach bottle

    So I bought Great value Bleach. It’s 81fl oz. and I think 7.5% but I can’t add those numbers into pool math.
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    Just filled. Now what??

    Complete pool newbie in Maryland. Just filled our Summer waves 16x48 (5000 gal) pool with town water. It’s level within an inch!! So proud of that but now what? I had already bought a hth test kit before I read everyone suggests the Taylor. What is the first thing I put in? I read a lot on here...