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    To what size, though? Tapping it means increasing the size of the plug hole, right? What do I tell the plumber? I don't know what the next largest size drain plug is and how fast I can get it? Remember, I am shut down because of this. Dave
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    The plug that has failed is in the pump not the filter. Tried with a lot of tape and it fails and is unreliable which is worse. Here are some pix. Thanks
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    I have an Hayward-Perflex EC-65 DE pump/filter for my 25K inground. My problem is one of the 2 drainplugs at the bottom of the pump will not stay in. It shoots out the side of the filter in much less than a minute. I can't say I've never had this problem before and a bag in the garage of worn...
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    If mesh covers are porous, what's the point?

    Then how do you get the cover off in the spring without all of that filthy water dropping into the pool?
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    If mesh covers are porous, what's the point?

    I bought my house 26 years ago with an inground pool. Knew nothing about it. The seller used a mesh winter cover and water bags so I just went along with it since then. I have always wondered why there was so much less water in the pool when I opened it in the spring. I assumed that some...
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    Hayward CL2000 Chlorinator Problem

    Thanks - - - Updated - - - Interesting. Yeah, sure it smells like chlorine. Also has a white powdery buildup inside the chlorinator which I never had before. - - - Updated - - - Thank you
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    Hayward CL2000 Chlorinator Problem

    Hi. I have a Hayward CL2000 Series chlorinator which accepts 3" chlorine tabs for my inground pool. Over the last year or two I have had to replace the O-ring, part CLX200K numerous times a season. Seems like every 3rd or 4th time I unscrew the lid to add more tablets I have to put a new one...
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    Strange Buildup in my Hayward Chlorinator

    I live on Long Island. Won't be able to close my pool for another 2 weeks or so. Have to keep the pool up and running. Today, I went out to test the chemistry, etc. I opened my Hayward chlorinator to check the amount of 3" tabs left in it and saw that there was this grayish white crud all over...
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    Is It Really Necessary To Shock A Pool?

    I guess I'm embarrassed to tell you, but I have ben using the Leslie's Poolcare OTO Test Kit, which only tests for TC, pH, Acid Demand and TA. I had a test done at Leslie's today and here are the results: FAC .5 TAC .5 CH 130 CYA 90 TA 110 pH 7.6 Copper 0 Iron 0 Total Dissolved Solids 500...
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    Is It Really Necessary To Shock A Pool?

    Hi everyone. I'll make it short and sweet. My signature has my info. Is it necessary to shock a pool. I usually keep the chlorine a bit high, like 3 +/-. Water looks good. Not a lot of usage, usually just me, maybe my wife about 5 times a week for an hour or so. Always a bit of algae on the...
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    Lowest safe water temperature in winter

    Its November in Long Island and the weather just took a turn for the cold. I know from experience that I don't use the spa much in the winter and could live without using it at all. I am not going to close it down and winterize it. Just seems like too many little things could go wrong or...
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    pH Constantly Low and Sodium Carbonate Clouds the Water For Days

    Thank you duraleigh, but I don't think I need to lower my TA, and as I said, I don't see anyway with the equipment I have that I can aerate.
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    pH Constantly Low and Sodium Carbonate Clouds the Water For Days

    Here are my numbers as of this morning and I added info to my signature. FC 5 CC 5 pH 6.8 (Leslies says 7.2, my test kit shows 6.8 or less) TA 120 CH 150 CYA 30 To mknauss: what is a hose bib? To Richard 320m all I can find are 4 lb boxes of borax at Walmart. Can you suggest any type of place...
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    pH Constantly Low and Sodium Carbonate Clouds the Water For Days

    Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'll try and make it quick. I have a 25,000 gallon inground, with new vinyl last year. Old Hayward EC65 DE filter which seems to work fine. Keeping my pH up is a constant battle. A couple of days ago I tested it and the pH was low. Put 8 lbs...
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    Replace Filter Head on Hayward EC40 Filter

    Hi. I need to replace the Filter Head w/Vent Valve on my Hayward EC40 DE Filter (Ref. No. 2 on attached parts list.) Does anyone know how to remove the Pivot PIN (Ref. No 8) so I can take off the Bump Handle Assembly (Ref. No 6) so I can transfer it to the new Filter Head? Do I push it through...
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    Leslie's Ultra Bright Water Clarifier

    I've been using Leslie's Ultra Bright Water Clarifier forever and always found it to be an excellent product. I forgot the actual chemical term, but the product caused suspended microscopic particles in the pool to clump together into larger particles that would then sink to the bottom so they...
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    Sta-Rite Sunbrite Bulb Burns Out 2-3 Times A Season With Limited Use

    I have this dinosaur Sta-Rite Sunbrite Large Underwater Pool Light for my In-Ground Pool. It uses 500W, 120V, R40 Lamps (bulbs.) I have been using Prism Double Ended Halogen Lamps Q500T3C/120, 127196, 120V 500W, at first purchased from Pool Doctor (NY) and for a few years online because they...
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    Sta-Brite, Sunbrite pool light assembly

    It is extremely difficult, but doable. I have one of these and when my bulb dies I hate it. First of all, the lousy cord is about 2 feet too short so I can't rest it comfortably on the deck. But aside with that, this is what I do. 1. Put the gasket on the lens. 2. Put the lens in the can 3...
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    Hayward CL200 Automatic Chlorine Feeder O-Ring Needs Frequent Replacement

    First of all, yes I did do a search and found some old posts but thought I'd throw this out there again. My Hayward CL200 Automatic Chlorine Feeder needs its O-Ring replaced about 3 times a season. I live in NY, and have a 25,000 gallon inground. I've tried original Hayward rings, and...
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    Lowering Total Alkalinity with Homemade Aerator

    OK, I've read the articles about how to lower the TA of my inground. First add some acid to lower pH and TA, then aerate to raise pH, then acid, then aerate, and so on. Designing and building a simple PVC aerator that screws into the return doesn't seem so hard. My question is, though, I read...