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    diverter valve

    Last year changed my diverter valve and the ring kept the original cup inside it it's a Hayward Yestrrdayvit was very difficult to turn it did turn but very hard b4 I open it can any one give me a heads up what might be the problem
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    inground pool pump screeching on start

    I have a Speck pool pump label reads Century Pool & Spa Motor , 1081/1563 pump Duty , it is 3/4 HP pump , which has started to screech on the start and at times during normal operation i hear it it also leaks a bit of water which i cannot see where it is coming from most likely from the...
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    Green trying to come back

    past 3 days the Green algea is trying to come back here are some #s FC 10 CC 0 TC 10 PH 7.2 TA 30 Calcium Hardness 210 I floowed the pool calulator and added goods to bring the TA up to 90 and PH to 7.8 the water is a bit cloudy due to algea but i still see the floor of the pool ant...
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    high prices

    is it me or others noticed the high price of 3 inch chlorine tablest almost 40 % higher than last year ??
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    high chlorin tester

    R 0870 and R 0871 what is the shelf life of these items iam currently out of 0871 and need to get a new bottle ?
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    Cloudy water

    Since the end of June 2014 when I opened the pool I have had some issues at time with cloudiness of water this summer also we are getting more than normal amount of Rain for this time of year evrything was balanced at first now i have #s that are way off ,I use both bleach as shock and Chlorine...
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    Snow So deep on my pool cover

    Here in NJ we got lots of snow and Ice thanx to Canada , well my pool as weel as the LOC LOOP Cover is burried under 3 Foot of snow and ICE today it started to Thaw and we got some rain next 2 days suppose to get to 50+ F and Rain has anyone has any experince with so much weight on this type...
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    vacuum relief system

    Need Help The town inspector after 8 years decided to pay us a visit and told me i need a vacuum relief system ???? i have fiberglass pool from Waterworld and it has one drain in the bottom , so I need one he said. any easy way inexpensive to get this item??
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    Intermatic Pool pump Timer

    My timer made by Intermatic T104R Model ,is acting up, when the ON or OFF clip reaches the time pointer the timer stops and the pump does not turn ON or OFF as it suppose to. I can manualy move the silver lever with the words ON and OFF on it to make the pump come on or go off, another clue...
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    TA too low ??

    Pool was cloudy my TA was low and PH was also at 6.5 i use the Chlorine tablets which with the heat here these days is being used up rapidly i keep the chlorine level high due to heat at round 5-6 . I have added 8 Lbs of baking Soda in the past 4 days and the TA is still at 60 range . How can i...
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    Squeeling pool pump

    I turned on my 3/4 HP Speck pool pump and i heard Squeeling sound for about 5 seconds .It then the sound went away, also , I have noticed small amout of water present under the motor (electrical ) part of the pump i tightend all the bolts and it still leaks a bid , it is very small amount of...
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    A year later and pool is cloudy

    Hi Frust. mom I am back LOL :hammer: ok here are my #s FC=14 CC= 0 TC= 14 PH=6.8 TA=90 CH=120 CYA= 60 ok i open the pool last Sunday i just looked at my post from last year i had the same problem :( ok here is the info.., changed the sand in the filter added 4 Gallons of Bleach and run my...
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    Opening Pool With Cloudy Water

    Thread Split to form new topic by Moderator. I have just opened a 18,000 fiberglass pool. The water is cloudy. FC= .5 TC= 1 CC= .5 PH=6.8 TA= 50 CYA= 45 Calcium= 100 Shoud I add 1 gallon of bleach?
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    Closing, chemicals to add?

    Hi frustrated Mom , hope you can help me like you did before, I used my pool for the rest of the summer and it was great no more Green GOOOOO ... Thanx to you guys on this site . As ya know I live in NJ and i want to close my pool( INGROUND) in the next couple of weeks or so . I read the...
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    Robotic pool cleaner

    I need some feedback about robotic pool cleaners . I have Inground 14x44 irregular shape fiberglass pool 6.5' deep to 3' deep, my current vacume , hose via the suction of the skimmer is lot of work :grrrr: manufactures a unit called Nitro goes for about $600 US$$$ that...
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    wooshing sound from the chlorinator

    last week after few days of hearing this wooshing sound from the chlorinator , i decided to remove it from the line and i found a white plastic cap about 1" in diameter stuck in the orfice ,i removed it and put the chlorinator back inline the noise was gone and the water pressure from the jets...
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    Green water in the pool

    Hi need help again Last night Jason and Waste advised me on how to get the green monster , so I have been adding bleech to the pool and brushing it a three times. I used 3 bottles of 174 oz Bleech 6% at diffrent intervals 2 times under the darkness until this afternoon , my testers do not...
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    cloudy water , now its green SOS

    can anyone help ?/ 17000 gal. fiberglass pool , the water was cloudy for two weeks now it turned green I have put shock, pouds of it , now i put some 10 gallons of bleach and no results I have brushed the pool everyday pump has been running 24/7 . PH is around 7.2 , alk. is ok ,cyanuric acid...