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  1. RebelRidin

    The Pool Calculator

    Thanks Jason. The link from the calculator page got a message in the ITunes store that i wasn't available.
  2. RebelRidin

    Water Balance for SWGs

    I recently switched to SWG and added salt to hit 3200 ppm. I was a bit surprised at how noticeable the salt taste was. It might be useful to come up with a recipe for mixing small batches of salt water on the kitchen counter at common SWG concentrations so folks could try out the taste in...
  3. RebelRidin

    Frog system vs. Salt Water Chlorination system?

    I am a Frog owner. I abandoned their "mineral" pack after the first season and just used it as a tri-chlor feeder. You can get chlorine feeders that use 1" pr 3" tri-chlor tabs for less money and operating expense. The only thing their mineral system had going for it is that it is not copper...
  4. RebelRidin

    Pool cove quick repair question/Metal coming through liner?

    Re: Metal coming through liner? That sounds like bottom rail without the sand "cove". While you might patch the holes until the missing cove problem is resolved it will likely happen again. I believe the only practical way to fully address that is drain, remove liner (full or partial) and...
  5. RebelRidin

    Adding borates for the first time may help you locate the borax. I found mine at the grocery store.
  6. RebelRidin

    The Pool Calculator

    Is the iphone app still available?
  7. RebelRidin

    First time SWG - Pool School pH versus manufacturer pH

    Hi lborne, I should have mentioned that I decided to go with a Chlorease unit. I realize it is on the low end of things and doesn't have a self cleaning cell but the hang on the wall design with its own timer addressed having various pump runs without impacting chlorine output. I do plan to...
  8. RebelRidin

    First time SWG - Pool School pH versus manufacturer pH

    Given what Jason is saying about higher pH contributing to calcium scaling I am sure they are looking out for the salt cell. My CH is only 80 ppm. Since I don't have to worry about CH with a vinyl liner I can take advantage of that to offset any pH contribution to calcification of the cell...
  9. RebelRidin

    First time SWG - Pool School pH versus manufacturer pH

    :wave: My wife and I have been keeping a small 18' for several years now using an old pool frog tri-chlor feeder without any minerals. It has worked well for us with a few exceptions: 1) when I increase filter run time I don't always remember to adjust the feeder and the chlorine spikes 2) I...