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    What is the name of Android software for Pentair Warrior SI

    As, the title says, what is the name of Android software for Pentair Warrior SI? I did search but all I can find is Pentair pool & spa automation software. thanks
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    Drain cover/assembly broken in the spa (that spillsover into pool)

    The whole cover/assembly came out in the spa. How do I put it back? Do I drill into plaster and insert new bolts, looks like the old ones were all rusted out. What drill bits do I use for it, and how deep do I drill, and everything else I should know to fix it. There is also a bulge, about an...
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    Crack between deck's concrete plates

    I am talking about the one that's circled in red. No gap between most of the concrete plates, but couple of them have this crack that goes all the way between the plates. Should I seal the crack? I assume I should seal it as the water gets underneath the plates. What should I seal it with?
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    I do not understand how my spa return works

    The red arrow shows the pool return. The green arrows show two pipes that go into the spa return, so why there are two of them? And, what is the thing that circled in purple, is it a check valve for spa? It does not work, the water in the spa lowers once I turn off the pump.
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    How do I fix a crack between waterline tile and caping

    What would be the best option, silicone caulk or a mortar? The crack goes pretty much around the whole pool. Thx.
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    Help to find missing waterline tiles

    I have a few tiles missing from the pool I inherited from the previous owner. I've googled and googled but cannot find tiles in this shape. Looks like they come as a set of three tiles in a vertical colomn. The width is 2", the height of all three is 6". I am not concern about the exact...
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    Green pool questions about SLAM

    I have a green pool and like many other poor souls I went to my local pool store for advice and chemicals. They sold me Green To Clean and Cal-Hypo and gave me the instructions which I followed to the letter but my pool was still green. I went to the store for the second time and, per their...
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    New pool and spa owner in NC

    I bought a house with a pool and spa last fall. Pool was blue when I bought it but it turned completely green over the winter. It does not look like it has been well maintained by the previous owners. There are some missing tiles of different shapes and I found cracks in the skimmer. I spend...
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    Help with fixing cracks in skimmer

    I found cracks in the skimmer body, it's 1/8" maybe a bit more. Can someone point me to a good repair instructions. Thx. I am totally new to pools.