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    How to stop Hayward inlet from leaking. Will I have to draing water to redo?

    I have an Intex pool that I converted outlet to standard Hayward 1.5" inlet connector, but I can't get the darn thing not to leak. In fact I've tightened it so much that I've cracked it and will have to replace. I looked online (after the fact of course) and it stated that silicone...
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    New liner, still leaking.

    I never could find the leak, so I drained pool, bought a new liner, filled up, and still leaks! I would figure the odds of a new leaking liner is low (maybe a bad assumption), so if it's not that I figure it must be the inlets/outlets, but I see absolutely zero water leaking out of the...
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    Low Flow: Intex Pump, Hayward Cartridge Filter, Intex Saltwater

    I'm stymied again. I have a 15' Intex pool. I had an Intex Sandfilter pump, but I bought a Hayward cartridge filter instead. So I am still using the Sand filter pump but running through cartridge filter instead, then into Intex saltwater converter. I have very low flow. I have taken the...
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    Dog steps

    Anybody looking for a way to make dog steps. They are easy to make using plastic shelves. The vertical posts are easily cut to make custom step heights. Put tennis balls under the feet or use a pad.
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    Leak is driving me crazy. Can't figure it out. Any ideas?

    I have an intex metal frame 15' x 48" pool. This is the third year. Last year the pool would leak down to the top of the return circle, so I figured there was a leak in the return seal, although I could never see any water dripping out of it. This year it started going lower than that. When...
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    Hayward Filter 1.5" or 2" fittings

    I need a new filter. The Hayward filter I'm looking at (cartridge 120sq ft) has two versions, one with 1.5" fittings and one with 2" fittings. I have a small pool and I know 1.5" size would be plenty for this pool, but I'm thinking about the future and was wondering if I should get the 2"...
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    Did I buy the wrong sand filter/pump? Please help, experts. Thanks!

    I have a small 15'x48" Intex Pool, Intex CG-28669 SWCG, and I just bought an Intex 3000GPH Sand Filter/Pump. I'm wondering if I should have bought the next size down, the 2150GPH version. I was told a larger pump/filter would be better for vacuuming. Here are the manual recommendations for...