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    Scale Build-up in Pipes?

    I recently upgraded to a new VS pump and SWG system. The pump moves significantly more water. Almost immediately, I started seeing white flakes and powder on bottom under the returns. I am guessing this is just years of scale build up. Anyone else experience this?
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    SWGs for large pools

    I have a 48k gallon pool in Central California. The chlorine demand can be high during the hot (100+) summer months. I am considering converting to salt. My ROI could be around 2 years based on buying both 3" tablets and granular chlorine. I have read suggestions that a SWG system should...
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    Hello from the sunny and hot Central California foothills

    I have a 48k gallon pool and it is time to replace aging equipment. I am also adding solar heating to extent swim season. I have a 2 speed 2hp pump that I will keeping. A Polaris 390 pool sweep with newer booster pump. Big ticket items I am researching include basic pool only automation...