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    To SLAM or not to SLAM

    Thanks Texas. I purchased my kit a couple of months ago, and I did use the powder and drops. I ended up SLAMing and was able to get chlorine readings, though still a bit low. My high CYA is a bit of a problem too, so I will try to keep the chlorine levels higher while draining and refilling...
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    To SLAM or not to SLAM

    My pool is clear with the following readings FC near 0 ph 7.2 TA 70 CYA 80 Hardness 400 I've tried chlorinating with liquid chlorine (@ 121 oz) but I am unable to get a reading. Why isn't the generous addition of chlorine making a difference? Do I need to SLAM despite no visible evidence...
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    A little Cloudy

    Actually, I just had the sand replaced in my filter this week, so it likely isn’t related to that. Perhaps I should backwash. I’ll check again after the FC bump. Thank you!
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    A little Cloudy

    Hello, My pool is a bit on the cloudy side (though I can still see the drains on the bottom of the 8' deep end). Here are my readings (based on TF-100) FC 3 ph 7.2 TA 120 CH 300 CYA 40 I'm thinking that I need to hit it with the 12.5 % Sodium Hypo/Bleach to bring up the FC into the 5...
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    Sodium Hypochlorite

    I'm confused. Just purchased jugs of 12.5% Sodium Hypo. Pool Math doesn't specifically list it, but lists 12.5% bleach and lithium Hypo. Is Sodium Hypo synonymous with one of these?
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    Aerating effectiveness

    Thanks all. Worried that TA might be high, but it isn’t causing an uptick in my ph, and the CSI is fine.
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    Aerating effectiveness

    I have a 21,600 gallon pool. My current ph is 7.2 and TA is 120, so I want to raise the ph enough to add acid, thereby reducing both ph and TA. The only method I currently have to aerate my pool is by pointing both jets up to create surface disturbance. Should I just use Borax to raise ph...
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    Chlorbrite and CYA

    Hello all, Another newbie, though I have already learned a great deal from this site! I've just learned that Chlorbrite (Leslie's granular chlorine product) also raises Cyanuric Acid levels in the pool. Is there an alternate product to use so that CYA is not affected? My current CYA reading...
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    Mutraic acid or Dry Acid

    I’ve been adding Dry Acid to lower my pH, which has been minimally effective. I need to lower it more, but is it ok to switch to muriatic acid at this point? I of course would apply with all proper precautions.