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  1. cwescapexlt4x4

    Filter cleaning services, Phoenix, AZ ??

    Hi All, We had been using a business that was good about cleaning filters but something has come up of concern over a business practice and we're now looking to see what other businesses are out there. I won't name the business here, but you can drop off and have same day deep cleaning for a...
  2. cwescapexlt4x4

    Pool brush

    The PB supplied brush is to no surprise a cheapy one and thinking of a new brush and saw at Leslie's the Gorilla (Oreq) brush that got my attention and seems the "Gorilla name" is a Leslie's line but Oreq makes other and that brush. Anyone have any feedback on this or these type of brushes? I...
  3. cwescapexlt4x4

    Just ordered a Primo XL for the island

    I just ordered by Primo XL, can't wait to get my island built and start cooking/smoking. This will be built into an island I will be starting within the next couple weeks, using the BBQ Coach system. Exciting time and hope to have it all ready for Thanksgiving!
  4. cwescapexlt4x4

    New pool build *Avondale/Litchfield Park, AZ* Presidential Pools

    Good day all, We signed our contract and left the deposit and digging starts soon our in-ground roughly 18x30 foot salt pool. They are coming out Monday to paint the layout and should dig within the next few days after... exciting time! We have set to go in: Presidential Pools 30' L x 17 W x...