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  1. Snap96

    What a weekend...32 bottles of bleach and still cloudy...Am I doing it right?

    What a weekend…. After 3 years of crystal clear water, I opened the pool up this past Saturday to enjoy a dip in the 90+ heat and the water was cloudy and I couldn’t see the bottom the pool. After 2 days of running around thinking the world is going to end and dumping 32 bottles of bleach...
  2. Snap96

    Another Pool Opening Q

    We had the pool installed last year and had our pool company open the pool for the first time. Unfortuantely, that may have been a mistake...they did all the testing and adding chemicals. Besides all the worms and some leaves, the water was pretty darn clear. The worms and leaves have been...
  3. Snap96

    Pentair Provac manual vacuum feedback request.

    Has anyone used a Pentair Provac or something like it? Just curious to get some feedback. Thanks
  4. Snap96

    Brand of Cyanuric Acid?

    When it comes to stabilizer/conditioner/CA, are there particular brands to look for or stay away from? I'm guessing that any brand would do as long as it states that it's 100% CA. We just had our pool installed so I'm still learning. Thanks, Paul
  5. Snap96

    Near Completion...NW Burbs of Chicago

    I wish I found this site sooner but glad that I did. I plan on spending quite a bit of time on here learning all I can. We're pretty close to the finish line but thought I'd share of few pics of the process.