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    Pool Closing - Getting killed with upcharges

    First year with the pool, never done a closing before. Pool company quoted me $300 for the closing, and then of course all the extra costs come in for things I assumed were included (again, I'm a total newb at this): $99 to add shock, algaecide and metal sequestrant $99 to clean SWG cell $99...
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    FC still high 7 days after SLAM

    I SLAMmed the pool a week ago and got the FC up to 28. Pool was turning green but the SLAM fixed it quickly. Pool is crystal clear. The FC has not gone down, however. It’s still at 28. I also drained and refilled a few inches of water (unrelated) and it hasn’t changed. ph 7.8 Salt 3000 CYA 30...
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    Massive rain over past 7-10 days

    I posted about a week ago how my pool filled up about 3-4 inches after a huge rain. We’ve had a good 3 more huge storms. The pool was overflowing and I had to start pumping water out. Now my levels are messed up and the water is slightly cloudy too. ph: 7.8 maybe 7.9 Cya: 30 Chlorine: 0. The...
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    How do I drain water after heavy rain

    Heavy rain added about 2-3 inches of water to my pool over the past 48 hours. The water level is above the skimmer. My pool installer never told me how to drain water if I need. I have a ClearWater 2 cartridge filter. can I just unscrew the cap in the back and let water out or do I need to do...
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    10+ FC consistently

    7.8 ph 60 cya 160 TA FC is off the charts. I’ve added 30 drops using the Taylor test kit and still nothing. swg is on 0%. Is it bad to have chlorine that high consistently? Nobody has complained at all while swimming.
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    Wedding cake steps keep floating around

    I have a set of wedding cake steps that keep floating around like crazy. It has a large hole in the back where I put three 50 pound sand bags plus about 25 extra pounds of weight. can’t get them to stay still. I refuse to install the brackets that get screwed into the patio (patio was more...
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    High TA, Low Stabilizer - everything else OK

    (specs in signature) 11,000 Gallon SW pool, barely used so far this summer because I've been getting work done in the yard for the past 2-3 weeks. Solar cover has been on it the whole time. Still not that hot here in NY so not much swimming. I am brand spankin' new at pools so everything...