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    Trouble dialing in SWG

    I am posting a pic of what pool math is telling me but my FC is at 6. I initially set it at 62.5 but FC was 8 so I lowered it again. Going to try 12.5% at 14h. Just curious what the optimal run time and SWG% would be for me and why the pool math app isn’t correct? My goal is 3 FC. Thanks.
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    SLAM with no CYA?

    We opened to a green pool yesterday after using a mesh cover for the first time. I have not been able to find CYA and could only find a few gallons of 6% bleach but am going to try again today. I have a new SWG to add but know I need to get water balanced first. I’m just now starting pump due to...
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    Help replacing/adding equipment

    Last year when I closed the pool the pump quit working. It would just hum when I flipped the switch on. I tried to jump start it with a screw driver to see if it would spin but that didn’t work so we are thinking we need a new pump. Any other ideas? I was going to have someone come out to check...
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    Is SLAM always required when opening?

    This may be a dumb question but last year the only levels that were off the last 2 years were chlorine and CYA and I expect the same for this year. Water is fairly clear and there is some fine dirt on the bottom but no big debris. I am about to test, I have filled the pool and the pump has been...
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    Do I need to SLAM?

    This is year 2 with our pool and we are just now getting started due to new baby. I’m unsure if I need to SLAM or not. Is it always required when opening? The water looks pretty clear and I added 56oz bleach yesterday afternoon recommended by pool math app. I have not tested today but below are...
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    More CYA?

    How do I know if I need to increase my cya goal? It is just under 30 now, I know it needs to be at least 30 but my FC has been dropping to around 2.5 daily. The pool is in full sun. Thanks.
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    Hello from NC!

    Hi, my name is Alicia and my husband and I just recently closed on a house with a pool. Neither of us have cared for a pool before but I have researched this site for a few days and I plan on getting my husband to take a look. I have added my pool info in my signature. I have also gathered that...