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    Use of actuators for water features

    Hello I am trying to plumb 4 bubblers and 4 deck jets on one 3 HP Intelliflo VSP. In order to have the bubblers work independently from the deck jets the plumber says I need TWO Pentair 521485 IntelliValve Valve Actuators (they are listed as setting just the right amount of flow for two water...
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    Pool Lights Coverage and Type

    Doing a remodel. The pool had one light (pictured) and we are replacing the light (Pentair intellibrite LED color). We were told that the light wont be enough to cover the pool (white plaster/20X 40) with 4 LED color bubblers on the new baja shelf. Our only options to add would be another color...
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    Radius of a convex curve for a waterfall

    Hello, I am trying to figure out the radius of this convex curve on my pool that I plan to put a waterfall on. Did I do this measurement correctly? Please see photos? Thanks
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    Water Feature plumbing help needed PLEASE :)

    Newbie remodeling an old pool and have had a lot of issues. Please Help. 40 X 20 pool (incudes new 8X20 baja)plus a large attached spa In pool: Two 2” suction lines Two 2” return lines Run to 6” waterfall is approx. 90 ft Run to laminars is a little less but not by that much Pumps 1 whisperflo...
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    Baja Shelf In Pool Lounger

    I tried a ledge lounger in a store today and it was so uncomfortable. Ive been searching for an alternative. Water height approx. 9/10 in. What have you used or seen other than the ledge lounger or the exact copies? Thanks
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    Shotcrete Concerns

    I am doing a remodel (extended the pool to add a baja and leveled the pool floor slope a little). The shotcrete was done and I wasn't given any instructions. Three days after, I read that it was supposed to be kept wet to cure. I verified with the contractor and on the 4th day started watering...