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    White flakes in pool from SWG / Phosphates : YouTube Video

    I would really like to know the exact cause of the white flakes that are produced by the SWG. I have 40 salt pools on my route and only 2 (this year) got some of the flakes. Why do some pools with SWG produce them and other not? And I do a very good job of keeping the water LSI balanced. I...
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    QuadDE Filter Cartridges: Needs V or U shaped spacers between each pleat

    I would like to recommend to Pentair that they redesign the cartridges that they put in the QuadDE filters. I have over 20 fairly new QuadDE filters on my pool route. What I am finding is that the rings they use to hold the pleats apart are not even lasting the first year. And within a...
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    Union fitting to make Pentair IntelliChlor Dummy Cell

    Maybe some knows a good online source for Union fittings that match the ends of the IntelliChlor cell, so you can make your own dummy cell?
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    Stenner Pump: 25psi vs 100psi

    I see quite a few Stenner Pump installers here going with the 100psi version with the check-valve. I understand the idea that the check-valve will be extra insurance if the pump or pump tubing leaks. Stenner only recommends the 25psi version pumps for commercial pool applications. I'd like...
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    Sample Sizer(s) that fit the K-2006 and K-2005 comparators ?

    I don't believe that Taylor makes a sample sizer that fits the comparator for the K-2006 and K-2005 kits. Is there such a thing? Aftermarket even? I have the Taylor Sample Sizer 6190 that fits the Taylor 9198 10-25ml tube, and would not want to test all day long without it . I think it...
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    Stenner Pump: Variable vs. Fixed rate?

    Those of you who have a Stenner pump to feed chlorine, I'd like to ask what most have chosen, either a fixed rate or variable rate pump, and why?
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    High Calcium Level and Borates?

    I am a pool guy that plans on introducing Borate in some of the pools on my route. Most fill water in my area is CH of 160 or slightly less. So I bring all my pools up to 330 to 350 to obtain a slightly positive LSI. I do currently have one brand new pool(5 months old) above 600(not of my...
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    I am a 9 year pool service professional with a small service route of 52 pools in Orange County California, mostly Newport/Newport Coast area. I am here mainly to research Borates as I am planning on incorporating them into some of my pool accounts using Boric Acid. I am looking forward to...