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    IC40 installed brand new build w/o dummy cell

    When pool builder plumbed my pool they installed dummy cell. Well the tech came out to get pumps running (after filling pool for 1st time) and install the screenlogic kit. Well he removed the dummy cell and installed the IC40 on start up. I had assumed they'd install that after they come back...
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    Light niche bonding (pics)

    My pool being built is being bonded through the skimmer. So the pool light niche is not bonded. Does a ground wire still need to be installed on the inside grounding strip that also attaches to the bonding lug on the outside of the niche? I hope this makes sense.
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    Will Pentair 5g light fit into hayward niche?

    Pool builder installed a small light niche which is incorrect one for a Pentair 5g light. I didn't notice until after shotcrete. So they came out and cut wrong light niche out and installed a large light niche. I was watering the repaired shotcrete after they installed a large niche and I took...
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    Wrong light niche installed, shotcrete already completed.

    Pool builder includes bluesquare spectrum 360 led light which uses a small light niche. Well I paid and upgraded to pentair 5g light which uses large niche. Shotcrete was on Thursday, I actually went down into pool and while watering shotcrete I noticed they installed small niche. I've heard...
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    Gunite tomorrow, high of 111*

    Having gunite done tomorrow and the high temp is going to be like 111* here in PHX tomorrow and I'm the 2nd job so probably 11-12ish start time...I'm a little nervous. I'll be on a strict watering schedule for curing.
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    New Build Suggestions, Mesa, AZ

    Just starting out in the process (getting quotes). Looking for suggestions on things I should definitely do or not do. Like tips or things I should know during this process, any recommendations on type of filter for the weather we have here in AZ (monsoons and dust storms) that is better suited...
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    ok so its been a couple weeks now, how am doing...

    so its been a couple weeks now and water looks great. started off with a new AGP and started TFPC right away. (also my first pool) so here are my current levels. honestly ive only been testing the FC and adding chlorine accordingly, and doing PH every 3rd day but its not really moving much. but...
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    Should I make use of these???

    my pool came with dual suction ports but since installing the hayward skimmer I'm not using these. should i connect them to also work with the suction or maybe connect them for return?
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    Adding cya sock method.

    When I read toss the sock into the skimmer. Is this the skimmer attached to pump? Do I need to worry about flow restrictions, I'm starting from a 0 CYA... Or do multiple doses with needing so much?
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    Honestly not sure how to start..haha

    just finished filling roughly 10,400 gallons into my intex agp. still waiting on my test kit to arrive (hopefully by fri) so i went to leslie's to get water tested. SUMMARY FAC - 0 TAC - 0 CYA - 0 TA - 100 pH - 8 TDS - 250 Pho - 400 where i get confused is poolmath is telling me to add...
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    mount hayward skimmer between new dual suction outlets *pics*

    newer intex pools come with the dual outlets, should i just mount the hayward wall skimmer in between the 2 and plug off the dual outlets??? (where the red square is)
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    Let pool settle before installing hayward skimmer?

    Starting to install my 22' intex agp tomorrow and ordered a couple goodies to go along with it. The 3000 gph intex sand filter and pump & the hayward skimmer. Should I wait a week or so before installing it(skimmer that is)? Id hate to install it right away and have the holes stretch out a tad...