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    DE Blowing in to Pool

    Hayward 60 sf DE filter, Hayward 7 position multi-port valve, 1HP motor, vinyl liner. After opening this year and my first backwash, I clearly saw clouds of DE blowing in to the pool from the returns. I suspected my old multi-port valve probably had a bad gasket; I had replaced it a couple...
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    Another Humming Question

    I've spent some time searching posts, but still have a vexing humming question - By the way it's a 1HP Emerson 1 speed motor, part of a Hayward Super Pump. Couple weeks ago motor was humming; the capacitor tested bad, replaced, pump worked. A few days later I noticed pump wasn't coming on -...
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    Pool Basketball - Yikes!

    This video popped up on digg today and I thought of you all.. Yikes! How deep is that deep end? It looks like they built they're deck with an opening to jump from the top.. on purpose! Has anyone else done that?
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    Don't Use Liquid Bleach Warning?

    Hi, The owners manul for our new hot tub clearly states in several places "DON'T use household/liquid bleach", and DO use a granular form of sanitizer. As a happy BBB user for my pool, I'd like to use bleach with the hot tub as well. Is this warning just the manufacturer trying to protect...
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    Winter Carnage - New Filter Recommendation?

    I live in southern Virginia, and we usually only get 1 - 2 weeks of below freezing weather (not consecutive). The past few winters, I just turn on the pump at night if it is getting too cold, I don't blow out lines and drain the pumps or anything. The other night, I turned it on as usual.. in...
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    Questions about backwash water discharge

    I bought a house 3 years ago with a pool, first pool for me. The pool equipment is very old. The equipment did not have a valve installed that would allow backwash and other settings, and I got tired of taking apart the DE filter and doing that nasty wash down job multiple times in a season...