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    Air Leak Source?

    Opening this season has been a nightmare compared the the prior three. A myriad of issues including: Cracked air relief valve, followed by a second one Broken divider in my multiport detailed here. Replaced gasket for now. Pool leak supported by bucket test Leaking DE filter clamp, 2 attempts...
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    Multiport broken or as expected?

    Opened the pool today and first mishap of the season... Had the multiport on Recirculate at first start so the worms, junk, etc in the skimmers and on the surface didn’t dirty the filter before I added DE. Was running fine for a couple hours. Added some chlorine and threw the robot in. Went off...
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    Subscribed/Watched Threads

    In this new environment, how do you see a list of the threads you're watching (or subscribed to pre-update)? I was able to re-locate a thread of interest and I noticed I had the option to Unwatch. Sounds like they're still tracked. Apologies in advance if it's something obvious I'm missing. Thanks.
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    Pool and Landscape Wiring

    Any pool/landscape electrical experts here that are familiar with code? I’m considering changes that will need to be made in the Spring and have some ideas that I would like to get confirmed before I bring someone in for a quote or contemplate doing it myself. I’ll spare myself and everyone...
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    What does everyone do with their cover for the summer?

    Had to invest in a new custom safety cover this fall. I would like to care for it as best I can. From experience I know what happens when you leave these covers on the ground in an outdoor shed...50,000 ants later. So, what do you do? I’ve read it can be hung or put in a large storage...
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    Plumbing discovery and subsequent closing dilemma

    Second year with inherited 1980s Sylvan which I hope to close myself this year after having pool company do it last year under my watchful eye. I had to order a new safety cover so I’ve been holding out on closing. Got word the cover will be in Wednesday so I need to close this weekend. I’m...
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    Re-plumb for new pump

    Just purchased a VS Superflo that will be replacing an old single-speed. I'm going to have to re-plumb the suction side at a minimum. I've posted a few pics of my setup. It is located in my garage and sits about 5 ft./15 ft. (rise/run) from the pool. My pool was built in the mid 80s, so I've got...
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    New Pump/Motor Selection

    Yes, I'm sorry for yet another pump/motor question thread, however with opening time fast approaching I want to make sure I do this right. Heading into my second season with an older IG pool. I currently have a 1.4 HPSF Hayward Super II, single-speed equivalent. It has a leaky seal, and I...
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    I've neglected my new (to me) pool.

    Hello everyone. I'm the new owner of what I believe is a ~30 year old in-ground Sylvan pool. The pool inspector estimated its size to be 30-35,000 gallons. He recommended a drain and powerwash and said the pool needs to be re-plastered. The estimate on recommended fixes was $12K and that simply...