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    Good spa lift cover?

    Now that I've found this website I have pristine hot tub water thanks to the TFP method. So, I'm using the tub a lot more now and I'm getting tired of lifting the cover off the ground, in the cold, barefoot, and wet. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good cover lift?
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    How many gallons is my hot tub.

    I'm in the beginning stages of a pool build and the process has led me to finding this web site. Having read obsessively to learn about the pool I've learned that I have been taking very poor care of the stand alone hot tub that came with the house we moved into in August. I've ordered some...
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    Contracts signed on Long Island

    Just signed contracts! Breaking ground on May 15. Electrician is coming to map out a plan to reroute some utility wires, then the designer will come and make up some plans. Attached is the contract, let me know what you think. Look forward to finally creating my signature!
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    New pool build

    My wife and I just decided on a pool builder but have not yet signed contracts. The pool will be 15x30 3.5 to 6ft deep freeform, vinyl lined concrete. Jandy cv460 cartridge filter, jandy vs flopro 2.7 pump, autopilot rc35 SWG, aquacal act1250 heat pump, 3 jandy led color changing lights. We're...