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    Robot dimensions/Storage

    I am about to replace my (Old and now broken) Hayward TigerShark with a Dolphin. Probably the S300i. We always stored the Hayward in its caddy. On the pool deck. But the Dolphin power supply is apparently supposed to say out of the elements? So we are thinking maybe we will get something...
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    How long after adding acid should I wait to test?

    I am in the process of opening my pool which became overrun with algae over the winter. We have gotten our CYA levels in check (they were too highdue to trusting test strips. Won’t do that again!) Now we are working on pH. And will SLAM once that is where it needs to be. Currently: TA=130...
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    Conflicting CYA tests

    We are in the process of opening our pool which was overtaken by algae over the winter. We moved into the house last summer after the pool was open, so this is our first year opening. Last year We had no trouble keeping the pool clean and clear. We have a saltwater system and generally shock...