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    Keeping water "balanced"

    I have a very broad question but I think it may be valid. For someone that is very experienced in taking care of a pool, would having to add 2-4"/week cause you problems - assuming the pool was stable from the start. I am trying to understand the effects of having to add water to a pool...
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    my outdoor kitchen build. built to withstand a tornado

    ya gotta do that in texas. hopefully it will turn out well. picking out counter this weekend. wanted to do cement but i don't have time. need it completed by 6/1.
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    looking for shade ideas for setting sun

    Our yard is aligned east/west and the ~5pm sun setting makes it a bit of a challenge when sitting outside. I am looking at mounting some kind of drop shade on the last rafter of my cover but not sure what I should look at. I was wanting to get something about 10'-15' wide that can lower 6-8'...
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    Patio Gas Heater

    I am looking to add a gas heater for my pool deck area. I am considering Sunpak S34SBKT. Anyone have experience with these Gas heaters?
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    Skimmer replacement

    I am curious if anyone knows what it takes to replace an inground pool skimmer. I have a neighbor with an Oak Tree that appears to have roots that have cracked my deck and now is impeding on my skimmer. The skimmer is caving in a bit, has cracked and now my pool is leaking. I am going to have...
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    My newest poolside addition

    Retired my pellet grill for a Kamado Joe. Eventually will put it in an outdoor kitchen with a gas grill and boiling station. So much nicer than my old Traeger
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    MasterTemp 400 NG won't fire. New heater, new pipes

    With our pool work our pool guy installed a new heater - MasterTemp 400 NG. I had a plumber run the gas line because we were adding more line into our house for an eventual stove. The run to the heater is about 47' - level (~2ft off ground mounted to the house) from the heater in a straight...
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    Question on hooking up Intelliflow VSP and ScreenLogic2 Wireless to Pentair Easytouch

    It looks like on the Easytouch 8 there is only one COM port connection. SL2 and VSP manuals both say it is OK to have multiple connections to this one COM port. I assume that is right?
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    What do you do with your robot?

    I have had my Mayrtonics A30i for a week now and it has rained twice here. I think the manual says to not let the power supply get wet even though to me it appears to be fairly water resistant. We were thinking of getting a Rubbermaid container big enough to store it in out by the pool and...
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    Maytronics app

    I have to say I am not that impressed with the App for my Active 30i. Scheduling is chincy. And it seems in order to do a manual run you have to turn scheduling off. If you forget to turn it back on (like I did the day I went to Vegas) it did not run on schedule for a week. I sure hope there...
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    VSP Pump run times in Texas

    I am looking for runtime recommendations for my Pentair VSP in Texas. I have heard 1hr/10degrees, and just 12 hrs. I was wondering what others run theirs at in Texas. I was thinking 3hrs high flow (while robot runs) and then low flow the rest of the day. But that is just a guess. Any help...
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    DFW Area - looking for dealer that carries Maytronics M500

    Pool is finished and I am in need of my robot ASAP - acorns are dropping. Does anyone in the DFW area know which dealers carry the M series? I need to get this tomorrow. I am going to Vegas for a week on Saturday and I need this up and running now. Thanks!
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    acorn stains on new pool. what to do?

    just got pool redone with an aggregate. in one day the neighbor's oak tree dropped a bunch of small acorns in my pool. went to sweep them out and they are already staining. still trying to find a local dealer that has the robot i want. in the meantime i have to manually sweep them. is there...
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    temp monitor for easytouch/screenlogic

    Just bought these and I realized that maybe it does not include the temperature probe. Is that separate?
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    looking for robot suggestions - obstacle in the pool

    we are getting our pool renovated and have added a bar top and a bench in the pool. i have been warned (and knew it would be an issue) that the bench is going to cause issues with any sweep/robot. we felt we would deal with it as we really wanted what we wanted. having said that, any thoughts...
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    Pool Renovation - North Texas

    I know I had a post in here earlier but could not change title. Starting new thread - hope that's OK. Previous was prior to start. Started yesterday and they made quick work. Getting new tile, new coping, new surface, Waterfall install, "Bar Top" in shallow end, Pergola over shallow end and...
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    Question on Pool LED light replacement

    I really had put little thought into a replacement light because the first guy I spoke to mentioned having to pull the line all the way from the power source but now I realize that may not be the case. My light works fine but I am kind of interested in the possibility of an LED light. Can't...
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    Question on pool Skupper waterfall

    With our pool renovation we are going to get a waterfall. Our contractor said if we do a Skupper (20") we won''t need a pump for it and we can tie into the main. Is that common? If we do that I'd need to put a valve actuator on the line so I can control it.
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    Treasure Garden Umbrellas - source for parts

    I have a Treasure Garden Cantilever 13' Umbrella and I love it. Last fall it was stuck up and a storm came through so I had to cut the cord on it so it did not fly away. Trying to find a source for parts but Treasure Garden seems to direct you to resellers. Called on and he was clueless...
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    Need new Spa pump - with pool renovation

    My secondary pump for my spa needs to be replaced. It is a 2HP Hayward. I am trying to go all Pentair but not sure which route I should take with this pump. Just a standard pump? Thanks
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    Question on Deck load

    Not sure this is the right place but I am trying to get an idea of deck and load. We were looking at a fireplace for out by the pool that weighs 1300lbs. We have a Cool Deck or Kool Deck built in mid 80s. Is there any way to determine if our deck can support that or would modifications be...
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    Would a Polaris Booster pump work as waterfall pump

    With our pool renovation I am probably going Robot sweep and we are getting a waterfall. For a Sheer Descent waterfall ~24" wide, would that pump suffice or is that too broad of a question? Waterfall is probably 30' from pump station. Understanding plumbing will be required.
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    Start-up Tech good? - question on new pool

    One of the companies bidding on doing our pool renovation mentioned that during startup using this product will greatly minimize the need for brushing down the pool. Looking for feedback on the product. Startup-Tec - New and remodeled pool startup treatment Thanks!
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    New Filter - cartridge or DE

    I have had a cartridge filter for 18 yrs. Mixed results but most of my issues can be traced back to pumps or sweeps. I feel the cartridge has always done a decent job. I am getting a pool renovation and was considering a DE filter. Two of the PBs have recommended just upgrading to a newer...
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    Fixing to start pool renovation - selection process questions

    We are looking to get our pool resurfaced, new tile, coping and hopefully some structural changes. Maybe fountains, tanning deck, and shade structure. I have scheduled a few different pool contractors - from small (with personal recommendations) to one of the larger companies (once again a...
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    Have Polaris 380. Looking for something better

    Looking to get my pool resurfaced and some other work done. I have a Polaris 380 and I am sick of it. I have rebuilt it completely probably 3 times. Is there something out there that is better? I was looking at the robots but I don't think it is conducive to my schedule - dragging it out...
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    pool automation mature?

    I recently installed a Pentair VSP and now that I have my plumbing issues resolved I love it. I was looking to move to a Pentair Panel Easytouch and eventually WIFI so I can remotely control pool/spa. My newest pool guy gave me a strong recommendation against it saying it was far overpriced...
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    New Pump Pentair Intelliflow 3HP issue running Polaris sweep

    I just recently replaced my Hayward Superpump II 2HP with an Intelliflow VS Pump. After replacing it and starting it up, I notice that my pump never seems to fully prime although the pump drops out of prime mode and runs fine. When turning on my Polaris it won't run properly. It seems as it...
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    question about pentair easytouch and controlling heater

    just bought a pentair pump and love it. i want to get the easytouch control panel with wifi so i can control it remotely.. do you know if you can control your heater with this? i have to get a new heater so if there is a model that is compatible i will look at that. control meaning - on/off...
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    help. pump won't start.

    I have a Hayward Super Pump II (2HP) that I had to get the pump seal replaced on. I did the rest of the gasket kit too. When I went to put it back, it just hums and won't spin. I pulled it out and started it and it worked outside the housing so I thought I had it bound. After numerous...