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    Question about pressure, backflow, and solar bypass/return

    Hi all. I recently installed a few solar panels to heat my above ground intex 12'x30" pool. My solar panels lay flat on my deck. I have an intex 2500gph pump that pushes water to a three way valve that I have at full open (all 3 sides open). The right side of the three way valve pushes water to...
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    Question about how to hook up solar to stock intex 28633EG pump and hoses

    Hi all, new to these forums. I recently purchased an Intex Easy Set 12'x30" pool. The stock pump that came with it is trash so I replaced it with an Intex 28633EG. I have the dual inlet/one return setup on my pool. Currently, I have two 1.25" hoses, each hooked up to an inlet port, then combined...