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    Finally got my Tayler K-2006 Kit.. Interpretation?

    Hey all, I posted a few days ago after I opened my pool with some chemistry results received from Leslies since my own kit hadn't arrived yet. Today it finally arrived with the following results. Free Chlorine: 10ppm Alkalinity:100ppm Calcium:140ppm CYA: ~100ppm pH: 7.8 I know my CYA is on...
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    Opened Pool for the Year- Understanding results

    Hey Everyone, First time poster here, but I opened up the pool yesterday and brought the water to Leslies for testing. The results were as follows: Free Chlorine: 13.47 Total Chlorine: 13.61 pH: 7.5 Alkalinity: 65 Calcium: 133 CYA: 108 Iron: 0.1 Copper: 0.4 Phosphates: 315 This was the first...