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    Using a generator + 220v plug to send out 220V (to TEST out hot tubs)

    The motor is not the only thing to look at, the heater will take a lot of amps also depending on the size and there are many. Never seen an electric generator :(.. For a fraction of the cost of a huge genny you can tap off a 220V plug from your main panel and can remove it if / when you ever move.
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    Suction Side Leak (Skimmer)?

    I think the OP is misunderstanding you Texas, or i am :).. I would plug the skimmer inside the skimmer and have it turned off at the pad. By just turning it off at the pad the water is still in the skimmer piping.
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    Pump GFCI breaker trips when bonding wire attached

    You can narrow it down maybe by removing everything on the bond wire and first connect only your newest motor, then your older waterfall pump motor, etc etc. It does not take much to trip a GFCI , even a dead fried spider or ant will do it. Dust / dirt that is damp can also be an issue...
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    Stripped Screws in Hayward Main Drain Gasket

    Working under water would be most of the trick but if it leaks again try a few or three or four wooden tooth picks. Install them to the depth of the hole and fold over trying not to break them off so you have something to hold them down with. Install the screw. Three hands would be nice to...
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    Pump amperage

    So now you are sucking the water from those 2 what should be returns ?
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    Help finding this leak!

    Dig another hole close to the pool but opposite side where you dug the first. Bet ya you will see water once you reach the same depth, but i hope not ;). Spend some more time on that main drain to confirm a yes or no.
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    Pump amperage

    Shouldn't the skimmer go into the front of the pump?
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    Electricity in basket housing

    There you go, i was just reading through the post waiting for someone to bring this up. Gud on ya KohnT. I just shiver when i see / read of "added ground rods". They cause More problems then the good they do. They can actually generate electricity between them like mini power plants. Lots...
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    Plug skimmer w bad threads

    Sure you can with no issues.
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    Bubbles in return when using sand filter

    Air getting in and no water getting out has to be on the suction side. I would take a closer look in the basket to see bubbles. At times they can sneak in and stay close to the edges so hard to see. When you bypass the filter you increase the "pull" on the suction side and that causes the air...
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    Can I run (temporarily) pump with bad capacitor?

    No problem giving it a kick start. The temp is maybe the same as always, you just never touched it till now.
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    Repair Main Drain or Vinyl Over?

    I'll go the other way guys. Have a main drain on my own pool and use it a lot to mix the water and keep it "even" for lack of a better word. Also when i brush i just push it towards the drain and it pulls in any junk if its in there. You already have it so I would use.
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    Older Hayward Super pump humming not starting

    Check the centrifugal switch on the back of the motor. Sounds like it is trying to start on the high windings.
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    Pool concrete deck painting and coping question

    Right on ajw22. For 41 years now i am going to stain / paint / coat with something my own concrete pool deck. When it comes down to the time to decide on which product i chicken out. I know i can make it look great for a short while and then i think of the work coming soon to re do it and...
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    Equipment in direct sun increase water temperature?

    I don't think it will change the temp of the water In The Pool enough to read.
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    2” or 1.5” suction?

    Your suction line will be wide open from the skimmer to the input of the pump. Your returns will have there outputs reduced as they enter the pool, spillway and skimmer. I say you're good to go. Just curious, why such a big motor ?
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    Help: Main Drain body screw hole stripped (Vinyl inground pool)

    Is there not brass inserts in there ? If not i would do your last option " Fill the stripped hole with some sort of epoxy and drill a new hole."
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    Still chasing leaks... any other options to consider before digging out and replacing lines?

    Because you lose more water with the pump running you are Pushing water out under pressure from the pump.
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    Help!!! Filter running time

    Should that then go into the front of the pump ?
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    Still chasing leaks... any other options to consider before digging out and replacing lines?

    Your problem is AFTER the pump and not the suction line.
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    Pump Suction Pressure

    If i "think" of what your going to do i would't do it . :unsure: Is the plan to have the suction side of your pool pump pull the bleach from your storage tank? If i am wrong, sorry, continue.... :mad:
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    Help!!! Filter running time

    Does that pool have a skimmer ?
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    Did creepy suck a patch off maybe ?
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    Pump keeps turning off

    If t shuts down and come back on on its own then it sounds like the thermal as you said. It can be just a bad thermal. Can also be a tight bearing causing the amps to increase but they usually tell ya by screaming. Unlikely a bad winding will fix and unfix itself . I have also done a...
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    Start-up Capacitor

    My guess is yes you had a bad cap the first time. Second time with the light show and smoke was something different. Now on your new to you pump it can be the cap. These motors can handle quite a bit of voltage change, i would not worry about that. Get that leak after the pump fixed so air...
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    Muliport valve damage?

    No problem. That spider is in there pretty good. When you press down on the handle all ports are open as it lifts the gasket up off its seat and water coming up from the pump will go in all directions. Nothing would be damaged.
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    Blocking a return jet...damaging to pump?

    The only for sure way is to check the amps drawn by the pump motor.