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    Need help to fix a botched concrete pool deck job

    We finished construction of our pool in June. The concrete pool deck is awful. The wrong color was poured, the curvature of the decking is wavy and it already has deep, long cracking. Can anyone help me figure out the best options to repair this disaster without having to tear it all out? I've...
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    Safety Bracelets for Kids. Do They Work?

    Has anyone tried those bracelets you put on kids wrists that alert you when they enter water? We just finished an uncovered pool. All of our kids are swimmers but occasionally I watch younger kids and my sister has plans to stay at our house with her 3 young boys. I'm trying to decide the best...
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    Does your slide get too hot in the summer?

    We live in St. George Utah where the summers are hot and we want to buy a slide. We are probably going with the S.R. Smith Typhoon or Turbo Twister but need to decide between the sandstone or gray. If you have either color can you weigh in on if your slide heats up on the desert sun? Thanks!
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    New owner builder plans. Need help with equipment options!

    We are soooo new to this process and could use some help choosing what equipment we need! Our pool will have a 7' spa, slide and 3 deck jets. It is about a 40' long, 20 wide free-form. Our pool designer says we should get one variable-speed pump. Our rebar and plumbing guy says we should do 3...
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    Removable fence or pool net cover for safety?

    We are trying to decide on which safety measure we will do for our new pool build. I've narrowed it down to a removable mesh fence (mostly likely from or the katchakid pool net. Anybody have experience with either? I'd love to hear from anyone who has lived with it and can tell...
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    Finalizing Plans-would love input!

    I would love any input you may have on our preliminary pool plans! We may change the diving board to a jumping rock (to save on insurance premiums and possibly get away with 7' foot depth instead of 8' therefore giving us a larger shallow end area). Is a 9' tanning ledge too small? Too big...
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    Diving board or jumping rock? Help!

    We are getting to the final details on our pool plans and I am having a hard time deciding between a jumping rock or diving board! We can only find two insurance companies that will insure us with a diving board and they require it to be no more than 20" off the water. Well, that seems kind of...
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    How much space to play volleyball?

    Attention all pool owners with a volleyball net! We are in the designing phase of our pool and are trying to decide where to put a volleyball net. How much room on each side do you need to comfortably play volleyball? I'm trying to get away with as little room as possible to free up some space...
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    What size of spa do you have

    We are trying to decide on the size of spa. I want it big enough to hold a good amount of people without knees touching but not too big that it takes forever to heat. Thanks!
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    Diving board, slide, volleyball, shelf. Is it possible without a gigantic pool?

    Hi! I'm brand new to Trouble Free Pools and I'm excited to get my feet wet! We are in the process of getting quotes and are also looking into owner building. There are many elements I would love to have in the pool but am not sure it's all possible while staying in budget and not turning this...