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    hayward de 3620 filter grid

    Hi all, looking for recommendations for a decent aftermarket filter element set (8 pcs) for hayward de 3620 micro clear. TIA.
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    low volt transformer

    hello all, i just bought a jandy RGBW water colors 24 watt niche less LED light. Im looking for recommendation for the right transformer to use for this particular light. TIA.
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    Hi all, do you winterize the same way as chlorine pools? (NY area)
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    Jazz it up

    Hi everyone, currently upgrading my plumbing to 2" pvc. Looking for ideas to "jazz up" the ol' watering hole. Nicheless lighting, fountain, etc.. while the ground is open. Btw pool is an L shape 30k gal 24 y.o. liner is 3 y.o. ty. I'd post pics as soon as I learn to shrink my
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    Nicheless led light install

    Does anyone know how to install a nicheless led light to an existing pool? I need a light on the shallow end of a L shaped vinyl lined pool. It’s 12’ x 28’ . I’m upgrading my plumbing & I have trenches still open where I can run electric conduit, if needed. Tia
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    Hello all, I’m in the middle of upgrading my 24 year old Vinyl L shaped pool plumbing from 1.5 to 2”. I’m just curious if any of you have retrofitted anything new To “Jazz” up the old pool, like say, led lights around the perimeter, etc. tia.
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    SWG newbie

    hello folks! I'm upgrading my pump to super ll 2 hp. & plumbing from 1.5" to 2". Also converting to SWG. Q1: manuf recommend minimum length of piping, equivalent to 10 pipe diameters, be used between pump suction inlet & any plumbing fitting. so if i'm using 2' pipe, does that mean 2" x 10 =...
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    Hello all, Desperately need help! I had my liner & 8ft wide step replaced (I believe its a fiberglass) by POOL DOCTOR of east northport here in Long Island, NY, Nov of '09. Beginning of this summer, i noticed the steps are not straight. 1.The top step, above the waterline, dips in the middle...
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    re-setting of interlocking pavers

    hi, my interlocking pavers need to be re-set due to settling. the safety cover anchors is starting to move the pavers out of place, also i had the 8' stairs replaced. i would like to re-set my pavers as close to original as possible. i would like to start where cont. replaced the stair, but was...
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    vinyl liner replacement

    hi all, i'm in the middle of vinyl liner replacement. the plastic extrussion bottom lip cracked off on some spots. what is the best way to further secure the liner in place, in those spots. would silicon caulking help prevent liner movement? also mechanic told me there is a slow water leak at...
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    solar cover under loop loc

    has anyone left their solar blanket under the loop loc mesh cover during winter season? after closing, sometimes in oct. we could have an indian summer here in ny & heat wave in april, which will accelerate algae build-up. blocking the sun penetrating the mesh cover will slow down this process...
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    hayward vari-flo valve

    hello everyone, does anyone have any spare, unwanted hayward vari-flo valve willing to donate/ sell on the cheap? i have a hayward de 3600 filter that i want to use for my pond as a settling tank (without the de, of course) & i need parts for the vari-flo valve to complete my set-up. thanks...
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    robot cleaner

    does anybody have any experience, good or bad, with dolphin pro rc (white/gray exterior)? - thanks
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    summer vacation

    hello everyone! i will be overseas (last week of june until 3rd week in july)in the beginning of pool season here in northeast, other than hiring a pool maint co. is it possible to winterize my pool, auto chlorinate in addtion to floaters, & then cover (looploc) for safety? pls. advice. thanks
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    DE filter

    hello, does anyone know the average life expectancy of a hayward de filter grid? i have a 10 yr old hayward 3600 de filter that's maintained very well, all o-rings replaced on a regular basis, but i still get de in the pool. (it started 2 season ago, i'm in ny). all the filter grids are...
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    hello all! how come none of the messages show, until i click "quote". thanks, vic
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    hello all! first post: i have a 24k gal vinyl lined pool, auto chlorinator, solar cover, loop-loc (safety) mesh cover. family is going overseas next summer for 3 weeks. other than hiring a pool service co. to maintain the pool in my absence, what steps can i take to keep the water clear while...