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    Home Depot Muriatic Acid

    Did I just make a mistake - instead of the Swimming Pool Muriatic Acid (14.5%) I got the other stuff, 31.45% - poured some in the pool - one box says Balance on it?
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    Salt is HIGH!!!!

    Does the Taylor SALT K-1766 kit go bad? The date on the it says test used by 3/20... Did my last Salt test around April, and the test indicated 3200ppm....todays 7/10 the test indicated 8600ppm? The IC60 salt reading is 3600.... I started noticing small flakes of salt in my Dolphin, and that...
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    CH Increasing

    Started out with 350....steadily been increasing, now approx 500....what is causing the increase? I do have a waterfall that has calcium buildup on the mortar between the boulders - from water seeping through cracks in the mortar from behind. Fill water is low CH, can’t recall, will test in the AM.
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    Brown spots - what is this?

    On the plastic in the skimmer area (only place I looked) - almost looks like eggs, little brown spots - can't scrub it off with a cloth (haven't tried a brush). Water is clear, and looks good - numbers below: FC - 5 pH - 7.8 TA - 80 CH - 375 CYA - 70 SALT 3400 TEMP - 84 CSI - 0.03 SWG (IC60)...
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    Spa Bypass

    Moved from here. "I suspect your pool builder put in a bypass so that the spa gets water to it when you are in Pool Mode. That is an old school method done by builders whom do not understand automation." Mine runs like this - how do you recommend I set the automation - assuming it can be done?
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    New pool - Water Milky

    Into the second week...water went in on Sunday (1/27) - how did we get here: 1. Been working on keeping the pH low, adding MA as required and brushing twice a day. 2. The person helping me, did not clean the filter for the first 7 days (pressure did not go up either)...he added BIO-DEX...
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    Pool Tile Grout

    What are you guys using - I think I need to use an epoxy based grout?
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    Can anyone ID this tile?

    Let me know - looks like a combo of 1x1, 1x2 and 2x2.....
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    Pick my finish / stone / tile ....

    Started two weeks ago - owner builder in San Diego (could not afford the PB prices, even with robbing a bank). In the rear left shelf will be a 4 / 2 / 2ft waterfalls, real rock. The plan for the SPA slope is stone veneer.