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    Noisy Pump 1 yr old

    US Motors Emerson is another large manufacturer of pool motors, their model EUST1102 would be identical to the UST1102. I'll let others maybe comment on which brand they might prefer, but from my personal experience haven't noticed a ton of reviews one way or the other.
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    which RayPaK heater?

    The Raypak 406A series, and model # 014941 is the Cupro-Nickel version. That model is Natural gas and also standard emission, I'm assuming you wouldn't need the Low NOx version which is a code requirement in some counties.
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    which RayPaK heater?

    Since you do have a SWG I would suggest looking at a Cupro-Nickel model (as opposed to copper), the heat exchanger is more resistant to corrosion that can come from chemical imbalances and salt corrosion. Might be a little more upfront but could be worth it long term. Raypak is a great brand...
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    Is legit?

    Dylan here from PoolSupplyWorld, thanks for your business with us bobtimms. I was able to locate your order in the system and it does look like your shipment was unfortunately mishandled, and lost. Good news is I can get another sent out your way right away. I'm reaching out to our warehouse now...
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    Replacing salt cell

    I would stick with the 40k cell, the cost savings of downsizing will be minimal, if there is any at all. Living in AZ you are going to get a lot of use out of that cell, definitely stick with the 40k. It will last longer and handle the higher temps more easily.
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    bio active

    Seems like success has been 50/ are a few reviews I have seen: Good Review: "My cya level was so high that I had to use this product 3 times. It brought the cya level down a little each time until finally it was below 100. Apparently for best results you need to make sure your ph and...
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    SWG Experienced -> what are the pros and cons of SWG vs. non-SWG ?

    I agree with the points made above by Texas Splash, although not sure about the "higher cya means higher slam fc level...." comment, but it's likely just the wording throwing me off. PRO -A salt chlorination system will help keep your FC level more consistently balanced, less spikes and drops...
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    1/2 HP whisperflow...can someone confirm length?

    Pentair's website confirms that the length is 24.469" for the 1/2 hp WhisperFlo. Hopefully this helps!
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    Need recommendation for good custom winter cover

    Your co-worker's rectangular pool probably fits a generic shape that was available, which can save on the cost quite a bit. Your shape unfortunately will have to be a custom safety cover. Not sure if you are set on a Safety cover or not, but you could also consider a Winter cover instead...
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    Need recommendation for good custom winter cover

    I would say under $1k is going to be tough to find. One of our recent custom quotes was for a pool that was 25' by 10' and very roughly the same shape as yours, the basic mesh option came out to be around $1200. IMO that would probably be the minimum price you are looking at. Then depending on...
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    Jandy Tri-Sensor 172 and 186 errors - Does IQ900-RS board replace front board?

    To answer your question, Yes, the IQ900-RS will replace your existing 'Front Board'. You may want to also look into the IQ20-RS which is the upgraded 2.0 version of the IQ900-RS, have heard some reports of improved connectivity and signal strength. I'm sure there are some TFP users that could...
  12. P problems

    Yessir! Promo code "TFP5" = 5% off any order :)
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    Hey John, I appreciate the feedback, and am deeply sorry to hear about your poor experience. We are certainly not perfect, but try our best to exceed customer expectations. Looks like we missed the mark on this one. I will personally check on Aquabot stock, and make sure our website...
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    Pool Supply World

    Sure thing, Jason! Happy Swimming! :rockon:
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    Pool Supply World

    TFP5 to save 5% You'd be surprised how open-minded Leslie's has been. It's nice to see, actually :) EDIT: I typically only send out that code via PM because I don't want it to end up on coupon sites and get abused. If I notice a coupon site (like retailmenot) picks it up, then I will make a...
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    Thoughts on bio-active cya reducer

    Re: thoughts on bio-active cya reducer I am testing this product in 2 of our demo pools (one of which has high CYA, the other has average CYA level), as well as a few isolated containers where I am raising the CYA first (a bit worried about the lack of circulation). Can't wait to see how it...
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    MA in small containers available?

    Thank you for the update! Glad everything worked out for ya :)
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    MA in small containers available?

    Thank you Brushpup! We are certainly not perfect, but always try to do right by the pool owner :)
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    MA in small containers available?

    Thanks for the kind words, Dave! I am always eager to help in any way possible :)
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    MA in small containers available?

    Hey, Blake here from PoolSupplyWorld. So sorry to hear about your frustrations! We get our kits directly from Dave and they are pre-packed, so I am not sure why one might have been opened somewhere along the line (albeit possible). Anyways, I am happy to help you get your order sorted out. I...
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    New build starting tomorrow

    Hey there welcome to the forum! Sorry I can't be of more help for your specific question (I've had pools, but never had one built based on my specs). Seems like it would be a matter of preference, but I am confident you will get plenty of good feedback from the other members! In any case...
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    First Test Results - Now what?

    Thanks for the video embed Leebo! I mistakenly copied the same link twice (to the article) :hammer:
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    First Test Results - Now what?

    OK well that's great you have a TF-100! If you have algae, you are going to need to SLAM your pool. Here is the link to article with instructions: Here is a video explaining the process: (which I believe will be...
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    First Test Results - Now what?

    Hello Amanda! What kind of test kit are you using for those results? We recommend a FAS-DPD test kit (like the TF-100 by TFTestKits or Taylor K-2006). They are much more reliable than test strips. For the most part, your levels look good! However, with a CYA of 80, you want to keep your FC at a...
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    New Intex Pool - HELP

    Hey athomer, so sorry I did not see this until now! I wanted to check in and make sure your pool is squared away? If there is anything I can do to make-up for the delayed ship time on the test kit, please let me know. We moved through a lot of kits this season, so sometimes we ran out of stock...
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    First numbers

    As long as you can maintain adequate FC, you will not get a swamp. You've already got a great test kit and as much help as you need (here). I would raise the FC CYA to 30-40, and keep the FC in the 4-5 range if you can :)
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    I need a plan...

    OK so if you're already using some tabs, then you likely have already added some CYA. Once your Taylor test kit comes, post full results (on this same thread) and we can give you better advice. You don't need to use an in-line feeder. Especially if you can convince him that liquid chlorine /...
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    I need a plan...

    Like jm said above, the eye burning is probably due to the pH level. Once you get your test kit, you will have a much more accurate way of testing your levels. If the pool is brand new, and you have not added any CYA (stabilizer) yourself, then that 0 reading is probably correct. And you will...
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    Going on vacation

    Dichlor will add 0.9ppm of CYA for every 1ppm of FC. Trichlor will add 0.6ppm of CYA for every 1ppm of FC. Working backwards (for a 14.3k gal pool), 38oz of Dichlor (or 35oz of Trichlor) will increase the CYA by 10. The 3-in Trichlor pucks we sell (99% Trichloro-S-Trianzinetrione) weigh 8oz...
  30. P problems

    Thank you so much for the kind words Duk007! It is true that problems float to the surface faster than smooth transactions. I am grateful that this forum allows people to share both. When a problem arises, I always do my best to correct the issue quickly, so that person can get back to enjoying...