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  1. esim13

    Credit where credit is

    I love Amazon!!! Have you ever checked out their subscribe and save? Some items are great deals!!
  2. esim13

    Pool to pond

    I was searching online and came across this pool to pond conversion website. Just thought I'd share...
  3. esim13

    Who makes the Best Swivel durable vacuum hose? Poolmaster?

    I just had to replace my hose too. Both ends on the original one given to me by pool company cracked. Yesterday I purchased a 'Pool Style' with swivel head from the local pool store. It is a much higher quality than the original. I love it. The swivel head end is blue the other end is...
  4. esim13

    DIY Outdoor Shower

    Those ideas are exactly what I was looking for and thinking of!!! Thanks!
  5. esim13

    DIY Outdoor Shower

    Has anyone made their own outdoor shower? I'm brainstorming ideas... basically I was thinking of making something that I could hook the hose up to, to have to rinse off and/or wash hair after swimming. Any ideas???
  6. esim13

    Pool Calculator for iPhone !

    I LOVE THE iPhone APP!!! :party: Thanks Jason!!!
  7. esim13

    DIY Aerator - how to?

    I've read about a few DIY aerators. I'd like to make one. I get the PVC idea up until installing it in the return line. How do you do that? Duraleigh - I read something you wrote back in 2007 about your DIY aerator but it didn't have the pictures. Do you still have access to the pics? I'd...