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  1. esim13

    Newbie from South Louisiana!!!

    Hello neighbor, maybe... I'm in Denham Springs. I've heard great things about Russell Pools. If I ever get the chance to go full gunite, they'll be my choice. Good luck! Can't wait to see pics!
  2. esim13

    Semi in ground pool helo

    If you can find one made out of resin, I'd go with that. I have a semi in-ground steel pool. I was told burying it voided my warranty. I was also told that my pool could last years in the ground depending on the makeup of my soil and whether or not it stayed wet that far down. I don't want...
  3. esim13

    Hello from the Bayou state

    Welcome to TFP Niels! You're gonna love it here! Whereabout in the Bayou state are you?
  4. esim13


    :wave: Welcome to TFP! You have surely come to the right place. I still consider myself a newby but it's amazing what I've learned the short while I've been here. I second Richard. Read Pool School again and again. Order a test kit, I have the K2006, but either one is fine. Continue...