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  1. esim13

    Cloudy water wont uncloudy ..

    Yes, but you've only been doing it the TFP way for a few days. My point is that even tho my water wasn't as bad as yours it still took 4 days to clear it. So yours will take longer, probably much longer bc it's discolored, cloudy and unchanged for monthes. Think about that - it's been...
  2. esim13

    Cloudy water wont uncloudy ..

    May I ask what type/kind of bleach are you using?
  3. esim13

    Fri started to notice some green

    I would have Bryan add some bleach each evening around dusk (if possible) so it's not eaten up by the sun. How much to add, I'm not real sure... maybe a whole 96 oz. jug, maybe half, maybe a quart. You want it to try to carry over to the next evening. Not real sure but I'd get a good bit in...
  4. esim13

    Cloudy water wont uncloudy ..

    Guardwife2, Here's a pic of my pool on June 1st... Here's a pic on June 4th... It took almost 4 days to get clear. That cloudiness was algae, dead algae and it still took 4 days to clear up. I didn't even start with a full green algae bloom. Please Please don't throw in the towel yet...
  5. esim13

    Cloudy water wont uncloudy ..

    What to do from here?.... Keep keeping at it. It can look the same on the surface but underneath it all the bleach is killing the algae. The point and time when shocking will end is when you have a crystal clear, sparkling looking pool and passed the OCLT. Once it is as that point then...
  6. esim13

    Cloudy water wont uncloudy ..

    Guardwife2, I've read all 6 pages of these posts and wanted to give you some encouragement... You are doing great and I think you're finally getting the hang of it. KEEP AT IT! We've almost all have been there at one time or another. It's been a long road but it WILL get better. Any chance...
  7. esim13

    Where do you dump the chemical mix after testing?

    I toss mine in the grass and rinse the vial. Haven't killed any grass yet and it's been pretty much the same spot for a few years.
  8. esim13

    Could use some help

    :wave: Welcome to the forum! My first bit of advice would be to order your own test kit. Pool store tests are notorious for being inconsistent and quite frankly - wrong. When you do get your own kit, post a full set of your own results here and we'll all go from there.
  9. esim13

    Beginner. Empty pool need to start the system and fill pool

    Re: Beginner. Empty pool need to start the system and fill I'll put my 2cents in and say DO NOT paint. Why, because I'm no expert and the experts here (Duraleigh, JasonLion, to name a few) say not to paint. Trust them! After lurking, reading and posting here for a few years - I trust THEM!
  10. esim13

    A Very Special Post Just Appeared on the Forum

    From the precise specks of dirt that I see in the crevices at the bottom of my pool while standing on the deck, to the need of having to wear sunglasses to shield my eyes from the sparks of sparklypoolitis, I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
  11. esim13

    Can't get pool clear!!

    If you think that's beautiful just wait until you're finished and your sparklypoolitis starts showing!!! Keep at it you're soooo close!
  12. esim13

    Recommended Chlorine level - Target or Minimum

    I shoot for the higher side bc I'm in full sun from sun up to sun down. I like having the cushion!
  13. esim13

    Swimming in a thunderstorm

    I was always told "if you can hear it, it can strike you." I won't take the chance being outside much less in the pool. My life is worth way more than that!
  14. esim13

    Can't get pool clear!!

    It looks like you're making progress to me too. Don't throw in the towel yet - you ARE getting close!! And it will be worth the wait, frustration and costs! I know you only have test strips... Can you get a set of results from the pool store? It may help paint a better picture of where your...
  15. esim13

    Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    Welcome to TFP! Now that you've gotten the TF-100 your frustration should go down! Post back with a full set of YOUR results and the folks here will have you sparkly in no time!
  16. esim13

    Bleach Sale South Louisiana

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not but here goes... Denham Springs, LA - New Albertson's has 96 oz. of Homelife Bleach 6% on sale for $.88 a bottle. I'm not sure of the quality but it is 6% so I'm going to give it a try. Wish me luck!!
  17. esim13

    I need serious help.

    duraleigh posted this earlier.... check it out, it should help with the :shock: bleach :shock: feeling. water-clarity-and-showin-off-just-a-little-t23969.html AWESOME isn't it?
  18. esim13

    Pool cloudy, mostly in deep end

    Matty, Did you figure out the chlorine test? Does the inside of your top cover have directions? My chlorine directions are in yellow, hence the yellow top containers. Is yours like this? If so, put water up to 10 ml line, add 2 scoops of powder, swirl. If chlorine is present it will turn...
  19. esim13

    No basket on pump?

    YEAH!!! I found my papers!!!
  20. esim13

    Pool cloudy, mostly in deep end

    I love my K-2006. I'm sure you will too. And once you get a handle on testing daily and see how easy it is, you're going to be amazed. When your kit comes in test away. Post a full set of results and we'll take it from there. You will definitly know your levels and where they need to be for...
  21. esim13

    Are we doing this right?

    I also keep a daily record of what I'm testing. I have a note book and I write day, date and time FC CC pH I test these daily or every other day. On Sundays I test FC CC ph TA CH On first of the month I test (until I get the hang of my water, evaporation, backwashing and all that) CYA I...
  22. esim13

    Are we doing this right?

    I was like you when I first got my kit. I also have the k-2006. I bought it in January and didn't use it until May :hammer: I read all the directions that came with the kit and was way toooo overwhelmed. :shock: Then once I saw everything on the inside top of the box I knew I could do it...
  23. esim13

    Pool cloudy, mostly in deep end

    Any chance you could post a pic so we can see what this 'cloudy' looks like. It might trigger some insight to what, if anything else, is going on. What test kit are you using? (sorry if I missed it in the other pages.)
  24. esim13

    Brown then green...ready to give up

    Any chance you can post a pic? Also, could you please go to User Control Panel, top left, click on Profile, then Signature and add your pool info (type: vinyl, plaster, fiberglass..., gallons, AG (above ground) or IG (inground), pump and filter info) and anything else you'd like to add...
  25. esim13

    What do I have here?

    This is going to be one great pool when you're done! Can't wait to see it up and running. Good Luck!
  26. esim13

    Just moved, have pool, need HELP!

    Just wondering.. is that a current picture? If so, you'll need to continue adding water until it's halfway up the skimmer box. and Poolgirl is right! that'll take no time.. You'll be sparkling before you know it. :mrgreen:
  27. esim13

    New Pool Owner looking to Learn...Where to Start?

    Great Job!! You'll have sparklypoolitis in no time!!!
  28. esim13

    opening green pool with BBB

    Isn't it awesome to feel like a pretty smart Kindergarten teacher?!?!?! I am one too! :mrgreen:
  29. esim13

    No basket on pump?

    CardiacMommy, I have that exact same setup - Artesian Clear Master with Artesian Turbo King pump. Mine has a filter basket attached to it. Here's a pic Would you happen to have any paperwork on the system? I'm a neat freak and I can't find my papers anywhere - no manual, no flyer, no...
  30. esim13

    Converting swamp to pool (pics included)

    Any new news?