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  1. esim13

    What is everyone's occupation/profession?

    Another teacher here! Started out as a K teacher. Graduated to 1st grade for a few years (haha!) and now I'm heading back to K in the fall. Oh, the joys of the little ones. Previous job was EMT. LOVED it but it didn't pay squat. I actually got a raise to go back to teaching, imagine that...
  2. esim13

    Found a kitten in my skimmer

    AWWW sha baby! I'm so glad you rescued her and have decided to keep her. I second Skimmy!!
  3. esim13

    Our neighbors expect an invitation to swim...

    When we first moved into our subdivision we, along with 2 other neighbors we barely knew hosted a driveway/block party for the 4th of July. Within a few hours I knew who I would become friends with beyond the party. 5 years later, I am still friends with those few who fit the bill, some closer...
  4. esim13

    Any auto mechanics? Need advice.

    and here it is...! Gotta love it! Come to TFP and get auto advice too! AWESOME!