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  1. esim13

    Nature2 Express - Good? Bad? $$$ Wasted???

    I ditched mine once I came across this site! Money better spent on bleach and testing chems.
  2. esim13

    blind faith and this forum?

    I absolutely love this forum and all the people associated with it, old and new! I am on this forum day and night. Reading, and learning. Re-reading and learning. I've told everyone I know with a pool about it and even some that don't have a pool. I am paying it forward, or trying to. Last...
  3. esim13

    Algae in the pool

    Does anyone else see a problem with 4 pucks in skimmer? Stop using the pucks. This will only lead to a higher CYA level which will lead to a higher shock level which will lead to buying more bleach and costing you more time and money. Besides, putting them in the skimmer could lead to future...