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  1. atccf

    Kids are brutally honest

    My niece was over swimming yesterday and she is a little fish. She swims in several different pools, community, swim lessons, friends, etc. She is learning how to snorkel and she pops out of the water and declares, "this is the clearest pool I have ever seen!" My SIL says, "they work hard at...
  2. atccf

    Polaris TR36P sucking up it's tail

    My TR36P is 2 months old (new pool, equipment, etc) and it is sucking up it's tail. The PB told me to run the pressure at 15 psi which what I've been doing. We usually run it about 2 hours every other day or depending on how much debris is on the bottom. It was working perfectly until about 2...
  3. atccf

    Hello TFP. New pool/owner

    Hello all. I found this forum a few weeks ago and have been reading, learning and trying to not get "pool stored". There is so much information I feel like I'm drinking from a fire hose lol. I subscribed to the app and am currently reading the ebook. I have to say, this forum is very refreshing...