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    does cal hypo outgas?

    I have an inline chlorinator. I started adding Cal Hypo granules to the my pool through the inline chlorinator. My thought was the Calhypo would dissolve in the water in the chlorinator and be added to the pool. Today when I added it and closed the top I heard a poping/cracking sound. I...

    Are pre opening test results accurate?

    I have a mesh cover. Rain water and much dust and pollen pass through. I probably add/replace 1/4 of my water with rain water and snow. my pool started turning green and I hit it with 2 gallons of 10 % bleach. The water looks clear, it’s cold and I can see dust covering the bottom. I thrown...

    bleach alternatives

    Looking to start up my pool with tri or Cal until I can find bleach at the stores. Also trying to do a cost comparison. In the swim has 50 pounds of Calcium Hypochlorite 68% so that will give me 34 pounds chlorine and 16 pounds of Calcium. $129 50 pounds of trichlor is $100. 54.2% by...

    add a Polaris cleaner timer

    Right now I have the pump running on a timer. 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening. My Polaris cleaner has an on-off light switch. the Polaris will only run if the filter pump is running. I only want to run my Polaris during the morning 4 hour run time. It seems like I could...

    I'm trying to copy Concrobium mold control

    the label says the active ingredient is Sodium Carbonate .9% Other ingredient 99.1% The safety data says So it looks like its just Washing Soda and TSP? its $35 a gallon from lowes. looks like I can make it for about $1 a gallon. Does that sound right?

    Air Relief Tube

    I bought and installed a new filter last spring. A Hayward swimclear C3030. I got it hooked up and opened the filter to make sure everything was seated correctly. It was my first cartridge filter and everything looked ok. In hindsight, I was missing the air relief filter (11) and the air relief...

    mustard algae?

    FC 3.5 CC 0 PH7.5 ALK 80 CAL 200 CYA 60 I have been fighting this all spring and summer. It shows up when I let my Chlorine go low. Initially, I thought it was DE from a DE leak I had where all of the DE leaked into the pool. It comes off very easily. I can vacuum it off of the sides. If I...

    trouble shooting my pool light

    Trouble shooting my pool lights. When I turn on my pool lights the GFI trips. I narrowed it down to one specific pool light. I disconnected the bad light and the other light works fine. The bad light will trip the GFI when it is in the pool, when it is out of the pool, with a bulb in it and...

    trouble shooting my pool light.

    I need help troubleshooting my pool lights. When I turn my pool lights on, the GFI trips right away. I removed the lights from the niche and one looked ok. The 2nd had probably between 1/4 and 1/2 cup of water. because of the way the light housing is slanted, I don't think it would have...

    cartridge filter

    Cartridge filters do not need a multiport valve correct?

    My Nightmare

    So I opened the pool a couple weeks ago. it's 15 years old with the original equipment. The pump finally went bad, and I ordered and installed a replacement. $370 got the pump hooked up and the entire pack of DE that I just put in the skimmer immediately blew into the pool from the jets. I...

    Plumbing Help

    I maybe replacing my filter with the same model. Here is what I got; This side seems easy. Ill cut the vertical pipe b in the middle and use a coupler or union This one gets me scared. Where can I cut this side? How much pipe do I need to add a coupler or union? or does the fittings...

    New pump installation

    I had a pump failure and a new pump and motor are arriving tomorrow. The wiring looks pretty simple, There are 3 wires leading to the pump and it looks like there will only be 3 vacant screws to attach them to. I got a black, a red and a green. Green is ground. Does it matter where the...

    Cheap makeshift pool pump?

    So my pump went bad. I ordered a replacement online and will have it in 5 to 7 days. I have a mesh cover, so I opened my pool to a green mess. I have chlorine up to 30 ppm and no filter running. I do have a surmagable pump running. I am thinking about making a makeshift filter. Like using...

    Motor died, I need help

    Here is my pump and filter set up. Just opened my pool today and my pump motor is bad. There are several things wrong with it and I have been limping it along for a couple of years. This set up is 15 years old. I am trying to go cheap as possible. I am moving in 4 years and don't want to...


    I drained and acid washed my pool last month. I refilled the pool with municipal water. During the fill I saw yellow water come out of the hose. When full the water had a green tint to it. The DE filter cleared up the water. here is what the filter looked like after a week of being run...

    low pump run time

    According to the specs, my pump can turn over my pool water every 6 hours. For 14 years I ran my pump 6 hours a day. I started bumping that down to 5 hours and now to 4 hours. My water is crystal clear running the pump 4 hours a day. at 4 hours I am filtering 14,400 of my 23,000 gallons a...

    pool games

    My pool is |3 feet 5 feet 3feet| perfect for sports. I have basketball goals set up on both sides and we play full court pool basketball. What other sports games do people in their pools? Volleyball is tough because there is no great ball. Has anyone made up a water polo type game?

    replacement DE filter assembly

    I have a jacuzzi earthworks DE filter. My DE grids are 14 years old and I have many holes in the grids. I want to limp my current set up along for a few more years. I want to replace DE grid assembly with one from another manufacturer. Jacuzzi pool equipment are no longer making products. I...

    pulling plug on no drain acid wash

    I pulled the plug on a no drain acid wash. My TA is 0 and my PH is 4. To rebalance my pool, I am going to use baking soda correct?

    trying a non aggressive no drain acid wash

    Opened my pool in early may to calcium scale that trapped dirt under it. At one point the entire bottom of the floor and all of my steps were stained. Recently I lowered my PH to 7.2 and held it there for a week. I am making progress and I believe if I held my PH to low normal for the entire...

    I caused calcium scale

    I have a calcium scale issue, probably self-imposed. I know the real answer is to drain and acid wash it. Over the years, my plaster has gotten rough. This year a month before opening, I decided I was going to test the water and fix it. The water was a little green already (mesh cover). The...

    algae? stain? treatment?

    I thought this was algae. It was green when I started and I raised my shock levels to 30 for 3 days now. The algae has changed color, but it is stuck to the walls and floor. I am brushing it with a wire brush, but that only fades it a little bit. It is certinatly getting better, but it is...

    take apart a Jacuzzi EW75 Earthworks DE filter

    So I have an old (2004) Jacuzzi Earth works EW75 DE filter. The filter is dumping some DE back into the pool. I took the filter apart to look for a tear, but couldn’t find one. I don’t know how to get the DE grids apart, so I can inspect them closer. Here is my filter Jacuzzi Earthworks DE...

    Diy pool rehab

    I'm rehabbing my pool. A quarter of my grout between my flagstone coping is loose and can be picked out. The grout looks just like cement. Can anyone tell me the exact product I should use to replace the bad grout (see pics)? I have a couple of loose waterline tiles. What is the exact...