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  1. fiwaly

    Foam board dimension help.

    Good morning, we are finally going to install our 16' x 32' x52" Intex pool. We had a much larger 6" cement pad laid that will some day become my shop. We want to put a EXP foam board under the pool. How large do I make the foam board pad? It comes in 4 x 8 sheets. I have never set up a pool...
  2. fiwaly

    Newbie needs advice for set up of Intex 16 x 32 pool.

    We have a 16 x 32 foot intex pool. We were thinking about having a concrete pad poured for the base while were having other concrete work done at our house. We figure it would make for easy set up and tear down of the pool. What is the minimum size we should pour? How far do the legs kick...