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  1. colonelkirby

    Intellicenter ~ Power or Load Center

    Trying to work my way through putting together what is needed for an Intellicenter a-la-carte install. I have acquired an i10ps (521914) from a forum member and will be getting the WifiLink kit (522475Z). I’m unsure whether to get the PowerCenter (522044) or LoadCenter (522043). My current...
  2. colonelkirby

    skippy fountain knockoff thoughts

    I have constructed a fountain using the yippeeskippy method of re-purposing the Polaris 380 port. Slightly different however in water delivery. I used some spare 1/2" sprinkler parts. Do I need to be concerned about back-pressure having knecked the outlet down to 1/2"? My Polaris is still...
  3. colonelkirby

    Reattach limestone coping corner peice?

    Small corner piece broke off. Any suggestions as to what adhesive to use to try a repair? Thanks!
  4. colonelkirby

    Pump hanging from plumbing..or.. equipment pad subsiding

    Noticed a while back that equipment pad is subsiding in the front where the pump is plumbed. I added some shims to hopefully help take the weight off pvc. Hoping it stops subsiding. Not sure I want to tackle leveling pad just yet. So, I notice there are some notches in the pump stand that...
  5. colonelkirby

    Suggestion - PoolMath app

    I use a Stenner to dose bleach daily. It would be a very handy feature to have an automated way to note the dosages in the app. For example, I also track the Stenner dosages in Excel and am behind in adding the daily dosages via the app by almost a month. A feature like this might also...
  6. colonelkirby

    CYA addition via sock in skimmer......

    Is it OK to be in pool while CYA sock is in skimmer? Thx!
  7. colonelkirby


    Is there a way to get to the thread that is associated with a pic from the Media section? Thx!
  8. colonelkirby

    Bleach tank

    About to begin using Stenner for the first time. Is it OK to use a mix of bleach in the tank? For example, if the tank is getting low with 12.5% from vendor A can I safely add 10% from vendor B? I understand the concentration may be whacked, just trying to avoid explosions or whatnot.... ;) Thx
  9. colonelkirby

    CH test

    How long do I need to wait after adding Calcium Chloride to run the CH test? Thx
  10. colonelkirby

    Questions backup/export PoolMath app - Android 3.0.2 (3307)

    Where on the file system is the .poolmathbackup file? Also, on export, I get an 'Exporting' dialog(?) that flashes but where is it on disc? Thanks
  11. colonelkirby

    Stenner rookie. Injection point vertical vs horizontal?

    I have Stenner coming and I have a question regarding the injection point. I had intended to remove an inline puck feeder and utilize it's tee as the injection point. Removing the feeder (Pentair 320) seemed simple enough but I had a hard time unscrewing it. It finally came off. However, I...
  12. colonelkirby

    Water Feature on timer and a switch?

    Greetings all. Newbie here. We have a water feature on a Intermatic PF1102T Pool Timer w/ Freeze Protection - 240V. We had a switch installed on our patio that I was intending to handle a light at the equipment pad. Wondering if its possible to re-purpose that switch turn the water feature...