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  1. Jbrillo

    Question about water sampling

    I was checking my FC level today and got an odd result. I check from the same spot at roughly the same time of day(give or take an hour) and from at least a foot below the surface. Seven days ago my FC was 7.5ppm. Today, it was 2.5ppm. I do a full round of tests once a month and then as...
  2. Jbrillo

    Hayward- Filter VSP comm error

    So we had a big storm this afternoon and I had my pump running to drain the pool(we have to overflow line). I noticed the water level kept rising and looked on my Hayward AquaConnect app and it said Filter VSP comm error. The pump was no longer running and draining the pool. I tried resetting...
  3. Jbrillo

    Testing after tropical storm Imelda

    First off, we were fortunate to not get hit with the worst parts of the storm. East and northeast of Houston were hit the worst. Some to the east received more flooding and damage than during Harvey. I pray for all those affected. Prior to the storm, this what the water looked like: pH...
  4. Jbrillo

    Hayward Tigershark not moving

    I threw my Tigershark in this morning to clean up the pool before people came over for Labor Day. I could see the impeller kick in from the water movement. Then it stops. Normally, it would start moving almost right away. Today, it just sat there. I pulled it out I saw some hair in the...
  5. Jbrillo

    How much chlorine should I add after a big party?

    Just had a big birthday party for my daughter. We had about 20+ teenagers in there for about 5-hours this evening. The water is still clear but there is a little grass at the bottom. First time we’ve ever had that many people in the pool for that long. I added gallon already but was wondering...
  6. Jbrillo

    Cloudy days and FC levels

    So it’s been cloudy(almost no sun) the last few days with some rain. My FC on 6/27 was 8.5. My CYA is 60 and I usually keep my FC at 8. I can maintain a FC 8ppm daily by setting my SWG at 40% for 13hrs a day this summer. Today, I checked my FC and it’s 12ppm. My question is, can cloudy...
  7. Jbrillo

    Just inspected salt cell for first time

    First of all, I must commend my PB’s electricians for the very neat work they did. All the wires were bundled up nice and tidy with zip ties. It was a very clean installation. However, they stowed all the extra length of my SWG cord tightly next to my control panel making it impossible to...
  8. Jbrillo

    Attempting to SLAM

    I checked my FC this afternoon and it was at 1.5ppm and I had CC of 1.5ppm and my pH was 7.5(via my TF-100). It’s the first time I’ve ever seen my CC greater than 0.5ppm. We had a storm 2-days ago and I had to drain about 4-niches of water to keep it from overflowing(no overflow lines here)...
  9. Jbrillo

    pH and TA question

    My pool is about 3-months old. I slowly brought my chemicals up to recommended levels. I’ve been doing everything the TFP way but I have a couple of questions today. 1) I read a lot about pH creeping up with new plaster. However, once I got my chemicals balanced(after about a month), I have...
  10. Jbrillo

    Can I add 15lbs of calcium chloride at one time or should I spread it out over a few days?

    Just filled my about two weeks ago. My calcium hardness started at 100 and after adding 8lbs of calcium chloride over a few days it’s still only 125. Pool math says I need to add 15lbs. Do I just spread 15lbs over the deep end and mix it up? Just sounds like a lot. Thanks!
  11. Jbrillo

    Has anyone ever used this to increase CYA? It seems convenient. CYA in a water soluble pouch. Just drop one 8oz pouch in a skimmer at a time with the pump running. Add extra pouch after each is dissolved. No need to use a sock.
  12. Jbrillo

    Hypertext in signature

    I was wondering how to create a hypertext in my signature to link to my build thread. I’ve seen it but not sure how to do it. :(
  13. Jbrillo

    New IG build League City, TX

    I’ve been on here a few months now trying to learn as much as I can to prepare for my pool build. I’ve been on other sites too but this is by far the best. Lots of info and friendly people. Pool School was an excellent read and I plan on putting that pool math calculator to good use. I plan on...
  14. Jbrillo

    Prep new build for robot cleaner

    We are about to start construction on our pool but I have a question about what I need for a robot cleaner. Our pool will come with a Polaris 280. Not sure that I want a robot cleaner but I want to have the option to use one in the future should I decide I’m not happy with the Polaris. Do I...
  15. Jbrillo

    Looking for any advice/opinions/suggestions on our pool design

    Hello everyone, We are about to sign a contract to build this pool. This will be our first pool build. We live in the extreme hot and humid south Texas. The pool will be used for swimming laps/exercise and relaxing. Also, we want our place to be a focal point for family and friends. The...
  16. Jbrillo

    Photo test

    - - - Updated - - - At least now I know how to upload photos.
  17. Jbrillo

    PB says VS pump doesn’t make sense

    I am in the process of getting pool quotes. My most recent quote includes a Pentair Whisperoflo pump. I think it’s dual speed. The proposed pool is 35 x 20, 97ft perimeter, 552 sq ft and 15,700 gallons. There will be a spa, one bubbler, and three sheer waterfalls. I asked the PB about...