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    Thinset Correct on Tile Install?

    Was reviewing the work of the Tile guys and took some pictures. Are you supposed to see those lines in the thinset? Also there are areas where it looks like thinset is missing. Is this just "normal" or should I be bringing this up to the workers. They need another payment tomorrow so may hold...
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    BYOP Frisco TX Build!

    Doing BYOP. Done with excavation, rebar, plumbing. 2 Questions though. The plumber dug these trenches for the PVC but then didn't back fill it. we are planning to do pavers, who is supposed to backfill the yard to prepare it for decking? Do I do that after gunite (hopefully this weekend) and...
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    Pool Build, Coping amount

    Will have a rectangular pool with spa. perimeter of pool is 113 lf. I am getting quoted at 219 lf for coping including the rbb and wall caps. Can someone help me understand if the pool perimeter is 113 (spa will go into and around pool so maybe add 25 feet for perimeter for spa cap with room for...
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    Equipment List - Feedback!

    Here is the equipment list we got. Anything overkill or anything missing? TIA! Tradegrade Pentair Intelliflo Vsf Variable Speed & Flow 3hp 230v Pentair Pa220gf 2 Pole Circuit Breaker; 20a - Intelliflo Tradegrade Pentair 160332 Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filter - 520 Sqft Tradegrade...
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    IFCS for heating?

    Looking at best way to heat up pool efficiently when designing our pool. I plan to get a robot so don't really need IFCS for "cleaning". However, friends who have one say they like them as they help to heat up the pool more efficiently. Can anyone point me in other methods of achieving this...
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    Our Pool Build, Please Comment on Equipment - Frisco TX - BYOP

    Here is our initial plan for our pool build! Any feedback on equipment etc is appreciated.
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    Steps Depth

    When you have steps coming down into the pool from the decking, is there a recommended step width/depth? I think standard is 1 foot, but wondering if 14 inch, 16, 18 inches is better or recommended. thanks
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    In Pool "Accessories"

    When designing a pool, any recommendations from the get go in regards to umbrella sleeves, built in tables, corner benches etc. Do these tend not to be that great in the long run as they impede the ability to actually use the pool? I have twin 4.5 year old, 8 year old, and then my wife and I who...
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    Which Design would you recommend!

    EDITED: Edited the design, this is getting very close but I am not sure I like the steps the way they are. Any recommendations?
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    TV lift near pool

    I would really like to incorporate this into my pool design, but wondering if anyone else has done this and accomplished this safely (I know it can be safe when the TV lift is closed, but is it safe when the lift is open and people are in the pool swimming/etc. If anyone has done this, have you...
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    BYOP or other recommendations, North Texas Frisco Build

    Does anyone have any recs for companies for a North Texas Build? Considering BYOP, but also interested if there are some local options that help with oversight/subs/etc that may be recommended. Thanks!
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    New Pool Build Design, Estimate

    Here is a pool design we kind of like so far for our backyard, appreciate any input on edits/adjustments you all think might be cool given the layout of our backyard. Also I am happy to post the estimate for this particular design, looking for any feedback on how accurate pricing is, also if the...