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  1. colonelkirby

    What is this device?

    Can't speak to your workings questions, but it is a pressure regulator.
  2. colonelkirby

    Automated Liquid Chlorination system

    As to the feed tube from the Stenner to the injection point, I use a length 3/4 flexible conduit to encase the feed tubing. The injection point is just the right size to fit snugly in the 3/4 conduit. Keeps the sun out...
  3. colonelkirby

    Intellicenter ~ Power or Load Center

    Trying to work my way through putting together what is needed for an Intellicenter a-la-carte install. I have acquired an i10ps (521914) from a forum member and will be getting the WifiLink kit (522475Z). I’m unsure whether to get the PowerCenter (522044) or LoadCenter (522043). My current...
  4. colonelkirby

    Pump or motor replacement?

    Nice! I'd buy one tomorrow if we got the rebate in Oncor area but we don't....
  5. colonelkirby

    Pump or motor replacement?

    Check for rebate from your electric provider on VS pumps. Might be enough to sway your decision.
  6. colonelkirby

    Any special winter pool procedures to do in North Texas?

    Our 3 sheer descents are triggered on their own freeze guard tied to their dedicated pump. Main pump has its own freeze guard as well. Nothing on Polaris booster. No automation yet... Never thought about our fill line. Since its tied to a supply line on our irrigation system, and I have...
  7. colonelkirby

    Outdoor a true outdoor model necessary?

    We have had a 50" Vizio outside under eave and then under a polygal covered pergola for 2.5yrs and have had no issues to date. Knock on wood.....
  8. colonelkirby

    skippy fountain knockoff thoughts

    I have constructed a fountain using the yippeeskippy method of re-purposing the Polaris 380 port. Slightly different however in water delivery. I used some spare 1/2" sprinkler parts. Do I need to be concerned about back-pressure having knecked the outlet down to 1/2"? My Polaris is still...
  9. colonelkirby

    Stenner liquid chlorine pump - How to choose and install

    The inline model's body can be unscrewed from its T-fitting. I then re-purposed the T to attach the Stenner injection point. There is one gotcha though, there is a set screw in the vertical T component. Feel around under the feeder body to find it. Remove it before you unscrew the body so...
  10. colonelkirby

    Reattach limestone coping corner peice?

    Small corner piece broke off. Any suggestions as to what adhesive to use to try a repair? Thanks!
  11. colonelkirby

    Where to acquire HASAchlor?

    I sent an email to them via the HASA website for outlets near Plano. I got a reply back noting two wholesalers in East Plano. Neither appeared to have a retail storefront however.
  12. colonelkirby

    can I reduce eyeball size without adverse effect on pump?

    How did you build the chiller(s)? Any pics you can post? Thanks!
  13. colonelkirby

    Pump hanging from plumbing..or.. equipment pad subsiding

    Noticed a while back that equipment pad is subsiding in the front where the pump is plumbed. I added some shims to hopefully help take the weight off pvc. Hoping it stops subsiding. Not sure I want to tackle leveling pad just yet. So, I notice there are some notches in the pump stand that...
  14. colonelkirby

    Suggestion - PoolMath app

    Tracking based on pump rating oz/minute. 4.44 in my case if my math was right. Never can tell there tho... Drum level given amount added less doses over time. I also try to measure inches of product in drum and given its diameter, a volume as a sanity check.
  15. colonelkirby

    Suggestion - PoolMath app

    I use a Stenner to dose bleach daily. It would be a very handy feature to have an automated way to note the dosages in the app. For example, I also track the Stenner dosages in Excel and am behind in adding the daily dosages via the app by almost a month. A feature like this might also...
  16. colonelkirby

    CYA disappeared

    I was wondering about my own CYA levels given my tests and what I was seeing from various pool store test results. My reagent was just over the expiration date on the bottle. I was at 20 with the 'recently' expired reagent. I purchased a new bottle of reagent and it tested at 40. Maybe you...
  17. colonelkirby

    How to take the top off this Nautilus pac fab

    I have the NS-48 which is the same, or at least in the same family as yours. Release the pressure, release clamp and give it time. You should then be able to twist the top half off.
  18. colonelkirby

    Stenner pump - low flow

    Wow I have butchered this reply... ;) Sorry. Just up the road a bit from you. We have similar pool characteristics. Pressure has been consistent 12-14. Like you we installed a Stenner this spring. No check valve as well. We haven't experienced your issues though. The pic below shows...
  19. colonelkirby

    CYA addition via sock in skimmer......

    Is it OK to be in pool while CYA sock is in skimmer? Thx!
  20. colonelkirby

    Stenner liquid chlorine pump - How to choose and install

    I have the UV tubing but also run it thru a length 3/4" Liquidtight Flexible Non-Metallic PVC Conduit. The injector fitting fits inside snuggly.
  21. colonelkirby

    What's your favorite pool gadget?

    How do you use it?
  22. colonelkirby


    Is there a way to get to the thread that is associated with a pic from the Media section? Thx!
  23. colonelkirby

    Stenner liquid chlorine pump - How to choose and install

    2030 for 20min. New stenner for us as well. A week in. Been great so far.
  24. colonelkirby

    Anyone know what this is or how to remove it?

    Looks like a grill post and gas supply. Had something very similar back in the day.
  25. colonelkirby

    Bleach tank

    About to begin using Stenner for the first time. Is it OK to use a mix of bleach in the tank? For example, if the tank is getting low with 12.5% from vendor A can I safely add 10% from vendor B? I understand the concentration may be whacked, just trying to avoid explosions or whatnot.... ;) Thx
  26. colonelkirby

    CH test

    How long do I need to wait after adding Calcium Chloride to run the CH test? Thx
  27. colonelkirby

    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Plano has a Pinch-a-Penny now open at NE corner of Independence and Legacy. Same deal as noted by Cody.