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    Concrete around skimmer

    Hi all- I’m getting ready to pour my concrete bond beam around the pool as a base for concrete paver coping (18x36 polymer wall vinyl pool). I’m building out the forms for a 4” deep concrete beam. What are the recommendations for pouring the concrete around the skimmer? I’m thinking I want to...
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    Polymer Wall Pool Backfill

    Hi all- about to begin excavation for an 18x36 hydra polymer pool and trying to determine best material for backfill. I’ve seen sand, gravel, and crush and run all recommend. My excavator (who also dug our foundation and knows the area well) is also saying we have “wonderful” soil for backfill...
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    Building a New Pool in NH

    Hi all - I'm about to break ground on a new 18x36 rectangular polymer wall, in-ground pool. I'm sure I'll be scouring TFP forums for tips and tricks along the way. Wish me luck!
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    Do I need to bond cement rebar supports in a polymer pool collar?

    Hi all, I'm about to start building my Hydra polymer in-ground pool. I know I'll need to bond the coping and steel steps, but do I also need to have the electrician bond the rebar that supports the bottom of the panels for the cement collar? Thank you