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  1. Reebs

    CYA- How much is REALLY in my pool?

    Looking for some advice on the amount of CYA I actually have in the pool. I have always found the TFP Test Kit pretty accurate. Since I opened my pool this year, I have added a fair amount of stabilizer to get to "suggested" levels over the month of May. We have not had an abnormal amount of...
  2. Reebs

    Amount of DE to add after Back-washing

    Looking for general opinions from DE Filter owners on how much DE is appropriate to add after back-washing? My filter model calls for 6 pounds of DE after back-washing which seems like a lot (which is about 9 "scoops" which each scoop holds about 10 oz by weight of DE). My pool company who...
  3. Reebs

    Opened pool to find a deep green surprise!

    Hi Everyone, Great to be back on TFP for another season! Not sure if this belongs in Testing and Balancing Water or where I put it in Algae- prevention and Treatment- I'd argue both;). We took the cover off the pool last night to a big surprise. This is our 16th year with our pool and while...
  4. Reebs

    Very High Combined Chlorine

    Hello! Just starting our 13th year with our pool and I had something happen testing my water that hasn't ever happened at opening. I always expect my test results to be a little off at opening, but I have never had CC of higher than .5 before (at any time). My water is also crystal clear right...
  5. Reebs

    Metal Stains

    These stains are on my ladder. The stains are a few years old now...any suggestions to attempt removing them? They are on the metal post portion and the step. Thanks!
  6. Reebs

    Considering New SWG system instead of just a new cell

    Anyone have experience with Aquacomfort Technologies SWG? Link below. Opinions?
  7. Reebs

    Pressure Gauge

    My pool has been opened for about 3 weeks this season. The filter was extremely clean at start-up and for the past several weeks the pressure gauge has remained at the initial level from when the pool was opened (the pool has not been used much and the pool has stayed clean with just a few...
  8. Reebs

    Pool Math Question

    In the Suggested FC Levels section in the Pool Math Table toward the bottom, the following is shown: SWG:3 Normal:5 to 9 Shock:24 Mustard Algae Shock:34 Suggested target FC levels based on the current CYA level for outdoor pools. Note: Be careful if your CYA is really and truly zero! My...
  9. Reebs

    Testing for Calcium Hardness with a Vinyl Pool

    In reading about CH with vinyl pools, it appears as though CH is not important. Is it accurate to say you do not need to test for CH at all with a vinyl liner?
  10. Reebs

    Clear water last night, cloudy this morning

    This morning I knew something was off right away as I could barely see the white drains in the deep end. This season, my water has been excellent until about July 4th. We started to get some real heat (still here) in CT on the 4th of July and I noticed my water cloud up that day. On the 6th...
  11. Reebs

    SWG Issue

    I have what I believe to be a SWG issue. I am trying to do a few things to test this, but I am almost certain my SWG is malfunctioning or not functioning at all. How long can I keep adding bleach to sustain FC levels and keep swimming? This may be a novice question, but I don’t want to have...
  12. Reebs

    Cleaning the Cell

    My SWG cell doesn’t appear dirty. However, in getting ready for the upcoming season I thought I would clean it. The manual says to use either distilled white vinegar or 10 parts water and 1 part Muriatic Acid. I chose the acid thinking it would be a more thorough cleaning. The directions...
  13. Reebs

    Stair Discoloration

    I was wondering if anyone has a comment or feedback about the product called “The Step Stuff” by Jacks Magic? My stairs are not as white as they could be. I can take a Magic Eraser to them and the stains come off after a fair amount of effort. However, it is very difficult to remove the...
  14. Reebs

    Stain on liner floor

    Hello, I am beginning my 6th season as a pool owner. This was the first time there was a softball sized orange/rust colored stain in the deep-end of the pool after I did my initial cleaning. My pool opened quite clean (it always does) with the exception of a few leaves and several worms and...
  15. Reebs

    Clear Algae?

    I have what I think is an Algae question and perhaps problem? My water levels from test results are pretty good other than CYA being on the low side, but it usually is and I have good Chlorine levels. My water is perfectly clear too. However, my pool walls are much more “slippery” or...
  16. Reebs

    Swimming after shocking

    Can anyone tell me how long you have to wait before swimming after bringing your pool up to “shock level” (if any time is even necessary at all)? Thanks!
  17. Reebs

    Test Kits

    I bought my test kit from TFP. I apologize if I am not seeing what is an obvious answer, but how do I reorder certain products for the kit that are running low? Mostly the CYA test chemicals…Can anyone tell me how to re-order? Thanks!
  18. Reebs

    TF 100 Test Kit Instructions

    I have the TF 100 Test kit. I am getting the hang of it now, but there is still one aspect to the instructions that is very confusing. It is under the Calcium Hardness Test section. The last sentence in step #2 says “Red indicates the presence of Calcium”. My first question is what does...
  19. Reebs

    Suddenly Cloudy Water

    I suddenly have cloudy water. Never in 4 years have I had cloudy water! It has always been clear during the pool season. I think my solution is an easy one- I have very little FC. My concern is why and what do I do to raise it. I am assuming Bleach from what I have read? How much do I add...
  20. Reebs

    TFP Test kit confusion

    I was hoping for some guidance. I just bought the TFP test Kit after reading reviews about it. Previously, I always used the basic strips from commercial stores. My water has always been clear and I have few problems with water balancing (or so I thought). My results after using TFP’s kit...
  21. Reebs

    Grey ring on stairs

    I have a SWG pool with a vinyl liner. The pool is very clear and clean except at my stairs. There is a stubborn charcoal grey ring on my white stairs that is about 2-3" wide all the way around. It almost looks like soot from a fireplace. Any idea how I can remove this "ring"? Thanks!
  22. Reebs

    Total Alkalinity and Free Chlorine

    I have a SWG and a vinyl pool. I see that TFP suggests TA to be on the low side of 60-80 and Free Chlorine to be 3-5. My concern is my SWG manual suggests a range of 110 to 180 depending on the saturation index for TA. They also suggest Free Chlorine of 1 to 3 ppm. Which should I follow...