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  1. Jbrillo

    New Pool Katy, Texas

    Love the sea life you’ve got in your pool! Looks great!
  2. Jbrillo

    Start up pool chemicals-League City, TX

    Hey Krysib, I’m in League City too! One thing you need to do right away is head to Walmart and load up on some jugs of Pool Essentials bleach. Get as many as you can b/c you’ll need them without a SWG. I like to dilute my chemicals before I add them so it would be a bad idea to have a...
  3. Jbrillo

    New Pool Build in League City, TX

    Our was different shades of green when it had water sitting in it from various rain storms. It’ll be fine. They’ll pump it out when they com to tile your pool. For now, enjoy watering three times a day!!!
  4. Jbrillo

    New Pool Build in surrounding area of Houston, Tx which PB to go with.

    Those prices do seem high to me and my pool was just finished last year. I would try getting at least two more quotes. Also, do some research here. UV/ozone is not recommended. Only bleach or a SWG is what you need. Good luck!
  5. Jbrillo

    Pebble tec , pebble sheen, or plaster

    ReneeN, We have Pebble sheen and love it. It’s not hard on the feet at all and it looks beautiful. That being said, from what I’ve learned on this website, the quality of your plaster will highly depend on who does the application. Your best bet is to ask your builder to see some pools...
  6. Jbrillo

    Houston Pool Owner’s Question

    I was told to put a beach ball in your yard and observe where the winds blow it and that should determine where you should have your skimmers. Prolly should be done quite a few times to get an overall idea of what the prevailing winds are in your area.
  7. Jbrillo

    Is this pool worth getting?

    When deciding on depth, you really need to think about how you plan on using your pool. I wanted a pool where people could hang out, play volleyball, or swim laps. So a sport configuration worked best for me. If you like diving a lot that maybe a traditional deep end works better for you...
  8. Jbrillo

    Question about water sampling

    The pump had been running since 7:30 am and I tested at 3pm. All of my testing materials where clean and dry so they weren’t tainted with any other water. It really had me scratching my head.
  9. Jbrillo

    Question about water sampling

    I should’ve tried a third spot as well. Will do that tomorrow. It was so odd. I was hoping someone could explain it.
  10. Jbrillo

    Howdy.. Another new pool in Texas

    Congrats!!! An exciting day for sure. You may know this already but just in case, your water will have a greenish tint to it when filled up but it will go away in a day or two after start up.
  11. Jbrillo

    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    Still beautiful a little over a year after completion. TFP works for sure. I try to tell my all my friends with pools about TFP, but they all just want to buy stuff from the pool store or have a service do it for them. Their choice but I can’t afford those options, which is why I take care...
  12. Jbrillo

    Question about water sampling

    I was checking my FC level today and got an odd result. I check from the same spot at roughly the same time of day(give or take an hour) and from at least a foot below the surface. Seven days ago my FC was 7.5ppm. Today, it was 2.5ppm. I do a full round of tests once a month and then as...
  13. Jbrillo

    First time poster! First time Pool! Houston, TX

    Pool looks good! I will reiterate what the others are saying. You want a robot cleaner and you want a SWG. Robots brush and vacuum where as pressure cleaners just vacuum. Robots also brush up to your waterline tile. Trust everyone here, you’ll want that SWG. Manually dumping bleach in...
  14. Jbrillo

    Help with new gunite pool in Houston

    Please do yourself a favor and get the SWG. It is worth it on convenience alone. I had a few PB’s tell me variable speed pumps aren’t worth it. I can tell you that they very much are worth it. Do some research on here. Running them at lower speeds for a longer period is what you will need...
  15. Jbrillo

    New Build in The Woodlands TX - Please Critique

    Following my fellow Houstonians!
  16. Jbrillo

    New in North Houston

    Lots of good information and people here. Be sure to read Pool School and ask as many questions as you need before you start your build.
  17. Jbrillo

    Hi there! New in Houston, TX

    Welcome to TFP and glad you’ve found this before you started your build. You have come to the right place! The information you can get from here is invaluable.
  18. Jbrillo

    Hayward- Filter VSP comm error

    Ajw22 you are the man!!!!! A thousand times “Thank you”. Im glad you were paying attention b/c I wasn’t. I’d moved past the breakers and was thinking about other possibilities. Everything has come back to life!!!!!! I’ve been working the last three nights so this has been my first day to...
  19. Jbrillo

    Hayward- Filter VSP comm error

    Added pic’s.
  20. Jbrillo

    Hayward- Filter VSP comm error

    Here are some pics. Let me know if I need to take more
  21. Jbrillo

    Hayward- Filter VSP comm error

    I don’t know why I didn’t test this earlier, but this morning I tried to turn on my water feature pump to circulate some water. It didn’t come on either. What I thought may have been a defective pump, may actually be a damaged pump. We had a big storm on Friday and now I’m thinking lighting...
  22. Jbrillo

    Hayward- Filter VSP comm error

    That is exactly why I’m referring to! That is a bummer. Very disappointing. It’s just over a year old. I sure hope I get a new one under warranty. Thanks for the help!
  23. Jbrillo

    Hayward- Filter VSP comm error

    Thanks ajw22 for sharing that thread! In that thread, the guy stated he was still able to turn on his pump via the top panel. I looked at my top panel today and nothing comes on. Does this mean my pump may be dead? I’m still waiting on someone to come look at my stuff. For now I’m just...
  24. Jbrillo

    Hayward- Filter VSP comm error

    I tried resetting all the breakers and waiting 10mins but that didn’t work. I text my PB and he said if that didn’t work someone should prolly come look at it. He’s putting in a call for warranty work for me. It’s under warranty till 2022, so I think I’ll let them handle it. I was just...
  25. Jbrillo

    Hayward- Filter VSP comm error

    So we had a big storm this afternoon and I had my pump running to drain the pool(we have to overflow line). I noticed the water level kept rising and looked on my Hayward AquaConnect app and it said Filter VSP comm error. The pump was no longer running and draining the pool. I tried resetting...
  26. Jbrillo

    Pebble tec at waterline ?

    I would do a search on that here. I know I have seen a thread on here where someone had done that and, after time, the pebble above the water line started to crack. I would use tile at the water line in my opinion.
  27. Jbrillo

    SWG - Is it REALLY worth it??

    SWG is definitely worth it. It’s so much easier than dumping in bleach. I had to use bleach for a couple of weeks till my SWG could be turned on when they finished our pool last year. SWG is a whole lot easier.
  28. Jbrillo

    Ph steady?

    My pH stays steady for a very long time. I haven’t had to add acid in months. Where I live, we get a heavy rain almost once a month or so. The heavy rain is usually enough to drop my pH. Then it steadily creeps up over the next month or so, then I get another heavy rain and it knocks the pH...
  29. Jbrillo

    Howdy.. Another new pool in Texas

    Tough subject because many people are happy with each finish. Your PB should be able to help touch/feel/see some real life samples of each so you can decide for yourself. I’ve got pebblesheen and love it, but you really should try to sample each to get an idea of the work your PB’s sub do.
  30. Jbrillo

    New Pool Build in League City, TX

    Hey there neighbor! My thoughts: - I don’t have an auto fill. Some people recommended one but I decided to skip this. Would it be convenient? Sure. I just wanted to keep it simple. I’ve got a hose bib right next to the pool so adding water is really a breeze. I turn on the water and set a...