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    does cal hypo outgas?

    I have an inline chlorinator. I started adding Cal Hypo granules to the my pool through the inline chlorinator. My thought was the Calhypo would dissolve in the water in the chlorinator and be added to the pool. Today when I added it and closed the top I heard a poping/cracking sound. I...

    Are pre opening test results accurate?

    Just checked, my R0004 is just an old bottle that I emptied and refilled out of a 2 oz bottle that didn’t fit in my case. The 2 oz bottle expires 7/20 and has never been outside. it would nice to know I’m getting alkaline water out of the tap though.

    Are pre opening test results accurate?

    Just tested water from the hose. It tested above 8.0. I think my reagent is bad. It expired 5/18.

    Are pre opening test results accurate?

    I’m using a Taylor text kit 2006 I think. FC was at 3ppm at time of the test.

    Are pre opening test results accurate?

    I jumped the gun and put some acid in there. My next PH test looked even darker red. Then I tested it with an uncalibrated PH meter that I just changed the batteries on and got a PH of 7.3

    Are pre opening test results accurate?

    I have a mesh cover. Rain water and much dust and pollen pass through. I probably add/replace 1/4 of my water with rain water and snow. my pool started turning green and I hit it with 2 gallons of 10 % bleach. The water looks clear, it’s cold and I can see dust covering the bottom. I thrown...

    bleach alternatives

    This is what I was trying to figure out. (I rounded numbers to make it easier) 50 pounds of Cal hypo $129 gives me 168 ppm of free Chlorine and 119 ppm of Calcium. it would take 62 gallons of Walmart cleaning bleach (6%)($1.77 a gallon) $110 to give me 168 ppm of free chlorine. it would take...

    bleach alternatives

    effects of adding chemicals that's exactly what I need thank you.

    bleach alternatives

    they do have a big pool section. I know I am all over the place with this post, but the pool essentials liquid shock is 10% for $3.64 walmart cleaning bleach is 6% for $1.77 tomorrow I will not have a choice, but in the future whats the better deal? its the cleaning bleach right?

    bleach alternatives

    this is what was said about tri chlor; One 3” (8oz) Tablet of Trichlor delivers approximately 5.495 ppm of available chlorine and 3.27 ppm of Cyanuric acid into 10,000 gallons of water. Trichlor contains 54.2% by weight of the chlorine carrier molecule Cyanuric acid, so every 8oz tablet of...

    bleach alternatives

    Looking to start up my pool with tri or Cal until I can find bleach at the stores. Also trying to do a cost comparison. In the swim has 50 pounds of Calcium Hypochlorite 68% so that will give me 34 pounds chlorine and 16 pounds of Calcium. $129 50 pounds of trichlor is $100. 54.2% by...

    add a Polaris cleaner timer

    Right now I have the pump running on a timer. 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening. My Polaris cleaner has an on-off light switch. the Polaris will only run if the filter pump is running. I only want to run my Polaris during the morning 4 hour run time. It seems like I could...

    Best practice to drain anti freeze

    you can't vacuum to waste? I have a Jandy valve between my pump and filter. I can just turn the valve to block the filter and the water will discharge on the ground when I start up the pump. All the antifreeze gets removed from the pool this way.

    Polaris 380 Sluggishness

    From my polaris manual For proper operation, the wheel RPM should be between 28 and 32. If the Polaris is operating below 28 RPM: • Remove the universal wall fitting by attaching the quick disconnect. Pull it away from the pool wall as you unscrew the universal wall fitting. • Push the blue...

    Don’t understand how to use a vacuum head : Hayward SP1106 Skim Vac In-Ground Pool Skimmer : Lawn And Garden Tool Replacement Parts : Garden Outdoor : Think Crucial Replacement for 40 Ft Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose, 1-1/2 Outdoor Swimline Weighted Flex Vacuum Head, Blue: Garden Outdoor...

    Polaris Issues - sluggish

    From my polaris manual For proper operation, the wheel RPM should be between 28 and 32. If the Polaris is operating below 28 RPM: • Remove the universal wall fitting by attaching the quick disconnect. Pull it away from the pool wall as you unscrew the universal wall fitting. • Push the blue...

    Pump randomly came on a month after close

    Not sure why your pump would come on, but 1 year I forgot to turn off the breaker or remove the ON pin on the timer and my pump would come on every day at 8 like the timmer was set for. I was at work and didn't know the pump was coming on. This was happening for 2 weeks. I believe the pump...

    I'm trying to copy Concrobium mold control

    the label says the active ingredient is Sodium Carbonate .9% Other ingredient 99.1% The safety data says So it looks like its just Washing Soda and TSP? its $35 a gallon from lowes. looks like I can make it for about $1 a gallon. Does that sound right?

    Air Relief Tube

    I bought and installed a new filter last spring. A Hayward swimclear C3030. I got it hooked up and opened the filter to make sure everything was seated correctly. It was my first cartridge filter and everything looked ok. In hindsight, I was missing the air relief filter (11) and the air relief...

    Diving board

    Diving boards are fun. Get one if you can.

    iPad or Laptop

    I think a laptop beats an iPad every day of the week. but if you are just surfing the internet doing social media and checking emails, then maybe.

    mustard algae?

    FC 3.5 CC 0 PH7.5 ALK 80 CAL 200 CYA 60 I have been fighting this all spring and summer. It shows up when I let my Chlorine go low. Initially, I thought it was DE from a DE leak I had where all of the DE leaked into the pool. It comes off very easily. I can vacuum it off of the sides. If I...

    Remove Filter Plug without draining?

    I switched my plug out and almost no water came out. keep everything closed and it will be like a straw filled with water where you have a finger on one side of the straw.

    trouble shooting my pool light

    Trouble shooting my pool lights. When I turn on my pool lights the GFI trips. I narrowed it down to one specific pool light. I disconnected the bad light and the other light works fine. The bad light will trip the GFI when it is in the pool, when it is out of the pool, with a bulb in it and...

    Is my filter done?

    what she said. Take your filter apart wash off the DE. clean it and inspect for tears.

    Is my filter done?

    I just dumped my Jacuzzi 48 foot DE filter. If you have an earthworks filter, replacement parts are super expensive. The gasket on those are also not serviceable. you have to replace the entire mechanism. I did hear Jacuzzi started selling pool filters again. maybe the price has gone down.

    Pump questions

    I have a timer and run my pool for 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. that's it. 24,000 gunite pool with a cartridge filter and it stays clear.

    DE In The Pool - Ugh!

    The DE in the pool should get trapped in the filter. Keep vacuuming and keep the filter running. The vacuumed up DE ends up in the exact same place the DE that you put in your skimmer ends up. The filter. No need to backwash unless you think you have too much DE in the filter. you should...

    My Nightmare

    I put the new filter in today. Everything is running good. I still have the light issue to work through, but then l will almost be done.