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  1. MikeTX

    TF 100 Alkalinity test

    Sure enough, it did go darker red with another drop. Thanks for the help!
  2. MikeTX

    TF 100 Alkalinity test

    I need some advice on this test. Is the test complete when it "just" turns red? Or, when it stays red? I get to drop number 7 of R-0009 and it turns red and back to green. Drop number 8 turns red and then clear. Drop number 9 goes red and stays red.
  3. MikeTX

    Can't seem to increase CYA

    I think it washed out the overflow pipe. I did the same a few days ago. Started with 55 and added enough to go to 65. Then it rained the next day and I ended up at 50.
  4. MikeTX

    Gator on Gator crime on the rise.

    Gator looks like he needs a beer
  5. MikeTX

    Is SLAM inevitable? ( was...5 Days of stress complete now)

    Congratulations on getting it done! Thanks for sharing your experience. It will help me down the road if I ever have to slam.
  6. MikeTX

    Is SLAM inevitable? ( was...5 Days of stress complete now)

    I'm a newbie around here, yet I am freaking out with you during this battle.
  7. MikeTX

    Signature test

    Thanks for the welcome everyone. I am beginning some adjustments by increasing cyanuric acid from 55 to 70.
  8. MikeTX

    New member from Tomball, TX area

    Hello! I had a swcg pool and spa built last fall and have been educating myself about pools ever since. I think I've been doing a fairly good job so far, but I am so glad I have found you guys. I look forward to picking your brains about how to do it better.