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  1. asxetos

    Intex 500 Gph filter / pump - the submersible type

    I had this type of Intex 500 Gph filter / pump that came with an 8' Easy Set pool. This pump was running 24/7 for more than a year, without any cartridge in the chamber, instead I used a separate biological filter (click "pool" on signature for details), anyway now I use another kind of filter...
  2. asxetos

    Moving to the next level: Pool sound system

    Hello everyone, I decided it was time to move to the next level and install a sound system, I seem to spend lots of time in my pool and sometimes had to come out and get in the house to watch the 8 o'clock news. It occurred to me that I usually do not sit and look at the TV but do something...
  3. asxetos

    New Pool Easy Set 8' leveled by magazines

    Hello everyone, I am new here, this is my first post, from Athens, Greece. I read somewhere (or maybe saw it on Youtube) about someone who used some old magazines to level his pool, thought of doing the same with old newspapers, catalogs etc. I kept these for many years, finally I found some...